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NPYM Annual Session July 15-19, 2015

Whitworth University

Spokane, WA

Materials and last minute information for North Pacific Yearly Meeting

The spirit of worship is essential to that type of business meeting in which the group endeavors to act as a unit…To discover what we really want as compared with what at first we think we want, we must go below the surface of self-centered desires…To will what God wills is… to will what we ourselves really want.--Howard Brinton


Greetings Friends—

Thank you for registering for North Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session. I look forward to seeing you at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, July 15-19 for fellowship, worship, and Spiritual renewal.

Active and Joyful Playshop

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Junior Friends Camp

Junior Friends Camp

After NPYM, Junior Friends are encouraged to come to the camp we have annually for four days following NPYM. The location for camp 2015 is Farragut State Park near Athol, Idaho.* At camp we enjoy hiking, boating, cave exploration, worship, singing and worshipful business.

*Due to fires near Farragut St Park the Junior Friends Camp has been moved to Skokomish Campground near Hoodsport,WA. We need drivers from AS to the new site! Contact Camp  Coordinators (and use the names: Gabby and Devon that are on the site now)

Sunday, July 19, 2015 (All day) to Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (All day)

Central Friends Camp