North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Faith and Practice

Faith and Practice (1993 Edition)

Download the 1993 Version of Faith and Practice. [PDF] This download provides the full 1993 Edition of Faith and Practice. You may also browse and read Faith and Practice online.

If you are looking for the newer transitional version of Faith and Practice, continue reading below.

About the Revision to Faith and Practice

NPYM's Faith and Practice is undergoing revision by the Committee on the Discipline, guided by a new revision process adopted at the 2009 Annual Session.

  • Revision Overview explains motivation for this revision and certain important documents that formed the basis for the revision.
  • Revision Outline reveals proposed revisions and comments in an outline format, similar to the table of contents of the current edition of Faith and Practice. The
  • Study Guide and Responses from Friends shows how the revision is proceeding and is being guided.

Please review the revision and Email your comments to Jay Thatcher & Debbie Townsend (email:

Faith and Practice (Transitional Version)

This transitional version of NPYM's Faith and Practice includes material revised for use by NPYM Friends by the Committee on the Discipline. Revised material is in dark blue font, with a revision date in the page footers and at the end of the chapter. The text of the 1993 Faith and Practice appears in chapters that have not yet been revised.

Download the Transitional Version of Faith and Practice. [PDF]