North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

July 2020 Coordinating Committee Minutes

North Pacific Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee (CC)

July 21, 2020

6:05 to 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time


Meeting began at 6:05 via Zoom due to the coronavirus (COVID).


Mim Coleman, Youth Program Coordinator; David Ek, Multnomah Meeting representative; Rick Ells, Information Technology Committee Clerk, University Friends; Ted Etter, CC representative and Nominating Committee representative, Missoula; Lucy Fullerton on the call as Clerk of Ministry and Counsel, University Friends; Rocky Garrison, CC Clerk, Bridge City Friends Meeting; John Gotts, Webkeeper, Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting; Lucretia Humphrey (Missoula/Great Falls); Nancy Irving, Olympia Friends Meeting representative and Finance and Legal Committee; Janet Jump, Finance and Legal; Barb Luetke, Recording Secretary; Johanna MacNee, Pullman Moscow Monthly Meeting representative; Jane Snyder, Associate Clerk, Multnomah Meeting; Joe Snyder; Outreach and Visitation and Multnomah Meeting representative; Nora J. Percival; NPYM secretary; Leni Skarin representative for Agate Passage; Sarah Schmidt, Whidbey Island Friends representative; Martha Smith, Salem representative; Donal Sullivan, NPYM treasurer, University Friends; Debbie Townsend, clerk of NPYM Faith & Practice Committee and Youth Committee, Eastside Friends Meeting; Sylvia Weaver, South Mountain (Ashland) representative; Caroline Wildflower, Port Townsend Friends Meeting; David Zeiss, Presiding Clerk of NPYM.

Guests: Anna Fritz and Lew Scholl.


  1. Opening Worship. Clerk Rocky Garrison began the Meeting with a call for Silence. Additions were made to the agenda.

II. Committee Reports

        A. Event Planner. Lew Scholl explained his activities have been drastically affected by COVID. A good team of people collaborated with him to assist in making adaptations for Annual Session (AS). Lew also formed a Support Committee that has been helpful. He shared with CC members some of the AS changes and programming that was/will be offered this year and thanked John Gotts for the many technical needs that he has willingly done. Friends commended Lew for doing such a good job at this stressful time. The Clerk also expressed accolades for Lew’s work and clarified how recent work wasn’t at all the job he was hired to do. Lew concluded his report by mentioning that there have been some positive aspects to meeting on-line and Friends might want to consider the option in the future.

B. EarthCare. David Zeiss gave background for a minute about Earth Care (a copy of which is provided at the end of these minutes). The plan is to present the minute at AS and ask Friends to then bring it to their Monthly Meetings for discussion. It would then come back to the AS in a year for a final draft and approval. Anna Fritz read the minute and listed those Friends who assisted in the writing of it. A Friend spoke to his appreciation of the strong sense of a “gathered meeting” as the group crafted the minute. Gratitude was expressed for the work of those who brought the minute forward.

C. Site Committee. Lyn Gordon was not present but was contacted. Participants were informed that Lyn’s plan is to give his report at AS. A Friend overviewed the report (which was not distributed): (1) we have a site for next year although because of COVID, AS might be virtual again; (2) the quest for a long-term site continues; and (3) Friends General Conference (FGC) will be in the area in 2022 and AS might be schedule before or after it. A Friend spoke to the logic of sharing a site and some activities with the 2022 Gathering. This would mean meeting in late June/early July at Western OR University. A Friend shared that about ten years ago when the Gathering was held in the region, AS was shortened by one day (meeting Thursday to Saturday) and the Gathering began the following day. It was recommended that a decision about the collaboration be made this year at AS. A Friend clarified that AS is to be held in Montana in 2021. The Site Committee would need to check availability. The following minute was offered: The Coordinating Committee recommends that the CC Site Committee and NPYM investigate coordinating with the FGC Gathering with regard to the date of the Gathering at Western OR University for the 2022 Annual Session. There was discussion. The minute was approved.

D. Finance Committee. Janet Jump read the report that she will be reading at AS. Her overview of the report included that a Friends of Color fund of $15,000 was established and an Ad Hoc committee set up to establish guidelines for it. The committee is exploring tax-exempt status. Two paid positions were initiated. The budget was also sent out to be presented at AS and put on the website. See report below. All registrants were sent information as to where to find documents in general and the budget specifically. There was discussion about the increased work required of some because of COVID, especially the extensive additional work required of John Gotts. It was suggested that adjustments (raises) be included in the budget figures before it is presented at AS.

E. Nominating Committee. Ted Etter offered 15 names for approval at AS. There are 26 vacancy so committee members will be recruiting during AS. This usual work will be much more difficult due to the on-line nature of this year’s meeting. The grid of those continuing in service, those rising into new roles, and vacancy was set out ahead to the CC but couldn’t be attached here to this report. The Committee will also be recommending that some of the current jobs be laid down.



Clerk called for announcements to break up Committee Reports. These were:


*Lucy Fullerton, Ministry and Council, reminded Friends to send memorial minutes to her and Nora both.

*Nora Percival, NPYM Secretary, expressed gratitude to John Gotts for the support he has given her in recent weeks. She commended those who “stepped up” given all the changes due to COVID. Friends were asked to make sure she has accurate information about those in their meeting—both (1) the number of members and attenders and (2) the contact information for any new members/attenders since last year at this time who would like to be listed in the Directory. She prefers NOT to be simply sent a directory. Nora also reported that the YM has a Zoom account and it is available to all Meetings. Contact Nora Percival, for scheduling (


F. Web-Keeper. John Gotts reported that continued general support of the site and the G-Suite account is “running smoothly.” He has been much involved with preparation for and support of the Virtual AS and pre-session, including surveys, mailings, registration system changes, and registrant access to secure links for Zoom sessions. This included “Your Links” to give those registered for AS ready access to relevant sections of interest groups, worship groups, Children’s Programs and Junior Friends. He also created a mini event registration system for Lew Frederick & related interest groups registration, including donation capture. This can be easily modified for future ad hoc event registration. Finally (whew), John created a set of programs to support AS worship group (e.g., the system determines how many sections are required for each worship group type and automatically assigns people to sections based upon their registration choices, makes listings, and welcome emails). It took about 8 hours to perform the functions of WG coordinator. John requested questions/content for the AS Exit Survey that goes out at the end of AS. It is possible that last year’s evaluation will be used. Gratitude was expressed for all the work that John has done. A Friend asked if there was an AS Planning Committee this year. John admitted that it was more a lot of little committees doing separate work, and was a bit frustrating. Ted

Etter from the Nominating Committee spoke to the difficulty of finding a Program Coordinator; the position remains vacant at this time for the coming year.


*BL step out at this time and Caroline Wildflower continued recording.

G. Youth Committee. Debbie Townsend announced that the Youth Committee (YC) report will be presented on Friday at AS. The YC asked for support from Coordinating Committee. A  draft of a revised youth safety policy was presented.  The Youth Safety Policy had not been revised since 2011 and the current version was written based on recent experience and using ideas from our insurance company Church Mutual. Mim Coleman, NPYM Youth  Coordinator, is in contact with other organizations also, to learn best practices for programs such as ours. NPYM has a reputation as a group with children who are not well supervised. This is another reason to review our policies and practices. Mim provided the CC with reactions from college hosts. 

Debbie reminded Friends that the Youth Safety Policy is not meant to describe everything about the Children's Program (CP). She also noted that at AS, the CP staff and volunteers are responsible for other peoples' children.  The CP is an opportunity for participants to come together intergenerationally. Other adults can be watching kids and signing them out so that parents are un less burdened. 

        After discussion during this AS, comments from monthly meetings will be solicited. The plan is to supply the CC with the necessary documents, season the final policy, and send it to the Executive Committee (EC). 


Clerk ask CC members to get the  draft of the revised Youth Safety Policy to Monthly Meetings for discussion so we can get a policy that works for us. There is an accompanying document for the revised safety at the end of this document. I



H. Sierra Cascades YMF. Johanna MacNee provided a written report that appears at the end of this file. She found it helpful that at the YM, a hand-raising icon was used when approval was sought. It felt like voting. David Zeiss felt that Spirit is flowing abundantly over our AS, as plenaries are fluid. He hasn’t yet received a video from Kenya Cassanova from Cuba YM, perhaps due to problems with connectivity with the internet system in Cuba. Friends were asked to “show up Thursday night” to see if she is available.

FGC Affiliation.
VI. NPYM Clerk’s remarks

FGC Affiliation: Historically, the three Beanite yearly meetings (Pacific Yearly Meeting, North Pacific Yearly Meeting, Intermountain Yearly Meeting) have not affiliated with any of the three national organizations of yearly meetings (that is, Evangelical Friends Churches International, Friends United Meeting, Friends General Conference). Originally this was to avoid taking sides in the Hicksite- Orthodox conflict. Times have changed. Pacific Yearly Meeting and Intermountain Yearly Meeting have now affiliated with Friends General Conference, as have two of our own monthly meetings (Multnomah & Olympia). One reason some meetings have affiliated is FGC's leadership in uprooting racism in the Religious Society of Friends. Another reason to consider affiliation with FGC at this time is that FGC's July 2022 national gathering will be at Monmouth, Oregon. Reasons for not affiliating include: (1) inertia, (2) tradition, (3) the need to find representatives to FGC when we already have trouble filling positions in the NPYM organization, (4) the monetary cost. These reasons for not affiliating are important and may be decisive. Should Coordinating Committee ask Monthly Meetings to consider this question and report to the fall meeting of Coordinating whether any monthly meeting is actively interested in investigating the possibility of affiliating with FGC?

A poll might be sent out to see if anyone is enthusiastic: Nancy, Caroline, Lucretia, Ted, Nora, Johanna are interested in working on this issue. FGC is looking for people to be on the Planning Committee. Let Nora know if you are interested. Discussion occurred and the process of

Bringing the issue forward, seasoning it in MMs, and revising the discussion could be used. Debbie Townsend reminded Friends that there is already a policy in place about affiliating with outside orgs (NPYM Affiliation Policy). Individual affiliation is possible.


Sent in by Ted Etter on July 22:

 With regard to deleting a year of having Annual Session in Missoula in 2022, I don't think MGOF Friends will begrudge FGC for pulling Annual Session back to Monmouth. There are MGOF Friends who attend FGC, so I think it may actually pull more of us west of the Cascades in 2022.

 I agree that the serious discernment on affiliation with FGC should wait until more of us have attended the Gathering in 2022 and have a better understanding of the environment and services.


Joys and Concerns: Friends offered joys and sorrows.


Clerk expressed his appreciation to Caroline Wildflower taking minutes when Barb Luetke had to leave.


Respectively submitted, Barbara Luetke, Recording Clerk


Reports in alphabetical order: These reports were also sent to all members. The NPYM Budget could not be attached.



MINTUE ON EARTHCARE for NPYM Version 7/14/202>

Coming through the Spiritual Unification Ministry of Friend Eric Maya joy, a

released Friend from Olympia Meeting, a group of Friends from eight monthly meetings has been gathering to name a concern rising among us. Drawing inspiration from a minute currently being seasoned by Quaker Earthcare Witness, we have drafted a minute for the yearly meeting’s consideration. We present it today with queries and suggestions for how our monthly meetings might explore what Truth it holds for them.

We recognize that the Light pervades creation: shines not just in humans,

but in all other beings, and the spaces around us all. We bear witness to the

continuing revelation coming through the living world. As we see our place

in the web of relationships that make up creation, we release any sense of

domination. We act to restore and maintain the relationships and processes

that allow life on Earth to thrive.

We invite you to explore with your monthly meetings how we answer “that of God” We suggest having a program with your meeting that might

How are the seeds of ecological destruction embodied in our lifestyles? Which social and spiritual relationships are at risk?

What role does domination play in your life? How will releasing this sense change how you live?



- Worship sharing / discussion about the minute

- An experience of worship with another-than-human being and sharing about

what that experience was like

- Worship sharing with some of the following queries:


What does it mean to your spiritual journey to have continuing revelation come through the living world?

Some of us from this group are happy to facilitate a program second hour at your meeting on this subject. In this time of virtual meeting, this can be very easy to do! Please get in touch with Mary Ann Percy to make arrangements.

Anna Fritz Multnomah MM, Maia Ostrom Agate Passage FM, Lucretia Humphrey MGOF,


Mary Ann Percy Bellingham MM, Jeff Smith, Jonathan Betzell UFM, Al Hendrix Lower

Columbia WG , Daniel Clark Walla Walla MM, Eric Maya joy Olympia MM




Finance and Legal Committee Report to Annual Session

June 2020


Our Committee has been meeting via phone or Zoom approximately every 6 weeks during the past year. We are a small committee (three members plus the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) that monitors the financial assets of NPYM and finds answers for legal questions that come our way. In addition to supporting the Treasurer we have taken on several projects during the past year:


  1. Last year at Annual Session a “Friends of Color Fund was established and F&L committee transferred funds $15,000) to establish this fund. Executive Committee has been working in setting up an ad hoc committee to clarify the purpose of this fund, and establish guidelines for use and access of the fund. We look forward to a report on this work so the fund can be accessed and used by Friends. $5,000 was spent on funding for a spring conference to be held in April 2020 (Covid 19 hit and the conference has been postponed).


  1. Early in the year we wrote an explanation regarding the assessment assigned to each monthly meeting (see attached), and how the assessments are based on the membership count sent in every spring to the Secretary.


  1. Our biggest project of this past year was to study our investments and close out the PAX World account. After exploring options we have invested all of our long term funds with Friends Fudiciary Corportation and closed our PAX World Account. In addition we still maintain both a checking and savings account with On Point Credit Union


  1. During this year we have been asked several questions about tax exempt status.

  • First was a question about general guidelines needed to maintain a Meeting's tax exempt status. We researched this and sent out a guideline to all meetings in NPYM (see attached)

  • Second, Eugene Meeting asked about using the NPYM 501c3 (tax exempt status) in order collect funds on line for Eugene Meeting. We encouraged Eugene to apply for their own tax exempt status.

  • Port Townsend Meeting has asked about using the NPYM tax exempt status to obtain a PayPal discount for their on line collection.


  • Given these last 2 questions we are continuing to work on the issue of tax exempt status and are consulting with a CPA with tax code experience for a professional opinion regarding the use of an organization's tax exempt status by subsidary organizations under the primary organization. Once we have all the information we will issue a policy statement from our committee.


  1. We have been working with the Personnel Committee and the Executive Committee to establish the 2 new paid positions for Annual Session planning. We now have both a paid event planner and paid registrar working with the Annual Session planning committee to plan our summer event. And then COVID-19 came along and everything looks different, but plans are going forward for a virtual instead of in person event for Summer 2020.



  1. We also worked with the Youth Committee to look at the “funds” available to Junior and Young Adult Friends. Looking backwards, we reaffirmed the purpose of the Youth Opportunity Fund and asked Youth Committee to take on the oversight of the “service projects fund” (a pot of money derived from individual contributions to support service trips for our Junior Friends.)


  1. We have also prepared a proposed budget for fiscal year 2020 (10/2020 – 9/2021). We hope Friends will approve it knowing that life is changing due to Covid 19 As things unfold, we recognize that there may be the need to amend the budget.


Submitted by Finance and Legal committee

Janet Jump, co clerk

Nancy Iriving, co-clerk

Carl Abbott.

Donal Sullivan, Treasurer

Corin Whittemore, assistant Treasurer





A note from NPYM Finance and Legal Committee

June 2019

As we worked on preparing the YM budget for fiscal year 2020 (Ocr1, 2019 – Sept 30, 2020) we realized that there may be some confusion about the Yearly Meeting assessments. Like most yearly meetings the assessments paid by monthly meetings is the major part of our YM annual income. This figure is based on $60 per member and is paid by the monthly meetings to support the work of the Yearly Meeting. NPYM has not changed the amount of this assessment fee for several years and we do not anticipate an increase in the near future.


Membership in the Society of Friends is held by the monthly meetings and therefore we ask meetings to provide a count on an annual basis through the use of the statistical report that generated every spring. This count is a static amount for May 1 of every year. This report is used both for our budget purposes and to create an official count reflecting the size and vibrancy of NPYM compared to other Yearly meetings. Knowing that meetings differ on how they track attendance, and membership figures we ask for several pieces of information on the statistical report:


  1. Official memberships (includes members in the monthly meeting and any worship groups or preparatory meetings under the care of that monthly meeting


  1. average attendance numbers of adults and children who participate in the life of the meeting -this helps describe the vibrancy and activity level of our YM compared to other YM's in the world.


  1. Assessment figure that the meeting is going to pay to NPYM – this number is the same as the membership number for many meetings but may vary based on a variety of factors including if worship groups/prepatory meetings will also be making assessment payments, or whether meetings make a distinction between active and inactive members.


Please note that the assessment figure is a self-evaluation and is the basis for the YM budget (and presumably the monthly meeting budget) and therefore is the amount requested by the YM from each monthly meeting. Since meetings provide this number to NPYM it should not be a surprise and the amount of payment should be honored unless there are unusual circumstances. To make cash flow easier for meetings the YM treasurer requests half of the amount twice a year. If it is easier for a meeting to make an annual payment that is fine or if some other payment arrangement is needed please work with the YM treasurer to arrange that.


As of June 1 2019 new assessment figures are not available as many meetings have not yet provided the information to the NPYM secretary. Therefore the NPYM budget will reflect the May 2018 figures until new information is available. Hopefully by the time the fiscal year starts (Oct 1, 2019) the treasurer will have the updated numbers to put on the assessment bills.


Please share this information with monthly meeting clerks and treasurers and if you have questions please contact the NPYM finance and Legal Committee.


Reference: NPYM Faith & Practice (2018), chapter 8, page 179 – Yearly Meeting finances



A statement from NPYM Finance & Legal Committee

February 2020


A question came to Finance & Legal committee regarding tax exempt 501C3 status and what an organization should do to maintain that status.  Here is what our committee's research found. The rules are somewhat subjective but here is a list of what you should not do:

1) Divert funds to the private use of individuals within the organization (e.g., clerk and treasurer decide to use Meeting funds for a vacation in Mexico).

2) Divert substantial funds on an organization or entity that is "non-charity worthy." Obviously this doesn't apply to purchases of goods and services.

3) Provide any material support (contributions or staff time) to support candidates for public office.

4) Engage in "substantial" lobbying of elected officials or in grassroots organizing around specific issues. Spending money on research and other ways of informing the membership about issues is not a problem.

So what is "substantial?" A very rough rule is no more than 20% of the organization's budget and/or its staff time. This said, "substantial" is judged by  IRS officials on a case by case basis, and what one official might deem "unsubstantial" another might flag as a problem.


Stick to 10-15 percent of budget and a Meeting is probably safe. And remember, focus on issues, not people.

To get somewhat painful detail, go to p. 46 of this IRS publication:

  1. Large organizations like FCNL have two wings, FCNL proper which is not a 501 c 3 and FCNL Education Fund which does outreach, education, and the like and is a 501 c 3.

Addendum : above sent to all Meeting clerks and contacts 2/10/20



NPYM Nominating Committee Report to Annual Session, 2020 Dear Friends,

Your nominating committee met frequently over the last year looking for leadings and suggestions for Friends to fill leadership and committee positions established by the Yearly Meeting. We are presenting 15 nominations for approval at Annual Session this year. Six nominations for vacancies were approved earlier by either the Executive Committee or the Coordinating Committee.

Two years ago, the Yearly Meeting approved the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee for Nominations to consider the challenges of filling approximately 90 positions in what we call the grid. The committee investigated what other Yearly Meetings have in terms of membership, paid staff, and whether they meet at fixed or rotating sites. One outcome of the committee’s work was a recommendation that North Pacific Yearly Meeting hire an event planner and a registrar for annual sessions. Those positions were formally created at the end of Annual Session last year, and two Friends were hired to fill those positions late in 2019. That took a significant burden off of the Nominating Committee considering the struggles we had trying to find a General Arrangements Clerk, Physical Arrangements Clerk, and a Registrar in recent years.

The Ad Hoc Committee for Nominations did not get to the issue of the numbers of committees chartered by NPYM or the size of those committees. The committee members have discussed reconvening and taking up that issue, but we haven’t resumed that work yet.

At this time, there are approximately 87 volunteer leadership and committee positions in NPYM; the exact number depends on how many members we feel the Faith and Practice (Discipline) Committee needs now that the revised text is in print. We now have 5 paid positions with the addition of the Event Planner and the Registrar.

As we gather for Annual Session this year, there are 26 vacancies in the grid. A few of those are not the responsibility of the Nominating Committee—mainly, new members to that committee and Junior Friends Advisors. For most of the positions in the grid, we feel that familiarity with the Yearly Meeting is required and recent attendance of annual sessions is important. There are some committee positions that are good entry points for people new to Friends or NPYM, but committee clerk and leadership positions require some knowledge of NPYM structure and process. As the members of the Nominating Committee call upon Friends and learn how many have major roles in their monthly or quarterly meetings—or have very busy lives, we have a relatively small pool of Friends to consider for nominations.

The members of Nominating Committee often ask Friends they contact one or two questions aside from a query about a specific position:

  •  If you have the energy to serve on a Yearly Meeting committee or office, which one(s) resonate with you?

  •  Who can you think of who might be a good candidate that the Nominating Committee may not be aware of?

This year present a special challenge for us because we will not be meeting Friends face-to-face in the dorms and the dining room and talking about the vacant posts and potential candidates. We hope you will take advantage of some of the meeting spaces this year and discuss with others who you think the Nominating Committee should contact. Of course, if you feel led to consider any of the vacancies, we’d be happy to learn of that, too. Ted Etter will be the main contact for suggestions, but you are welcome to contact any of the members of the Nominating Committee with suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,
Ted Etter, Clerk
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee

Nominations for Approval at Annual Session, 2020 Volunteer Coordinator for 2021 Annual Session: MariRuth Petzing (Multnomah) Finance and Legal Committee (one year, ending 9/21): Carl Abbott (Multnomah)

Ministry and Counsel (10/20 – 9/23):
Outreach and Visitation (10/20 – 9/21):
Outreach and Visitation (current – 9/22):
Peace and Social Concerns (one year, ending 9/21): Peace and Social Concerns (one year, ending 9/21): Youth Committee (10/20 – 9/22):

Youth Committee (10/20 – 9/22):
Youth Committee (10/20 – 9/22):
Youth Committee (10/20 – 9/21):
FCNL Representative (9/20 – 8/23): Western Friend Director (10/20 – 9/21): Western Friend Director (10/20 – 9/23): FWCC (1/20 – 3/23):

Elinor Jordon (Olympia)
Necia Quast (San Juan)
Al Hendrix
Eric Straatrsma (Tacoma)
Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh (Multnomah) Nick Salmon (Missoula)

Brayden Miller (Eugene) Debbie Townsend (Eastside) Chris Cradler (Bridge City) Linnea Wang (Missoula) Sakre Edson (Florence) Lucretia Humphrey (MGOF) Bill Shroder-Ehr


Report Regarding SIERRA CASCADES Yearly Meeting


Sierra Cascade Yearly Meeting of Friends is thriving and good Quaker order is serving them well. The theme this year was “Led by Love”.

Paraphrasing the message from Ruba Byrd, the opening speaker who referred to John 15: 1-8 and later 15: 9-17, talking about the last conversation Jesus had with his disciples. This was a time of tumult and their lives were being turned upside down and inside out. The disciples were told not to give up, but carry on and stay connected. “I am the vine and God is the gardener. You are not my servants: you are my friends. Abide in me as I abide in you. Love each other as I have loved you.”

Ruba pointed out that in trying to make things better we may fail, but by failing well, messing things up, we can learn from our mistakes and learn from listening to the marginalized. Sometimes we walk a path of failure. That failure can be the cracks to let the Light Shine in.

This opening sermon was poignant for what is happening in our world of being physically separated from each other due to the virus, and confronting the painful separation that comes from racism.

SCYMF worked to pass a minute on racism.

A basic and necessary practice of SCYMF is recognizing and recording Friends called into ministry. Both pastoral and public ministry (ministry among us) is recorded. This year there were three recordings: one pastoral and two public.

The pain of their schism is present but, staying connected and being “Led by Love” is moving our extraordinary Friends in SCYMF forward. It was a gift to be among them.

There were at least six Friends from NPYM who attended SCYMF. Thy Friend,
Johanna MacNee
NPYM Representative to SCYMF




John Gotts, the Webkeeper uploaded the following reports to the CC page for the CC meeting. His Webkeeper report follows:



 Youth Safety Policy discussion draft for AS 2020.pdf

 Youth Safety companion doc for AS 2020.pdf

 2020 Finance Committee report of Annual session (1).pdf

 NPYM Budget FYE2021 draft 2020-3-4 (1).pdf



Continued general support of the site and our G-Suite account. All is running smoothly.

Assisted with preparation for and support of Virtual Annual Session and pre-session, including surveys, mailings, registration system changes, and smoke and mirrors for registrant access to secure links for zoom sessions. This included a stand-in for the welcome packet assignments information called “Your Links” to give folks ready access to the sections of interest groups, worship groups, children’s programs and Junior Friends that applied to their family.

Created a mini event registration system for the Lew Frederick & related interest groups registration, including donation capture. This can be easily modified for future ad hoc event registration. The system is comprised on an online registration and donation page, plus two online reports; one to view the list of registrants and contact information and the other to review donations.

Created a set of programs to support worship group coordination for annual session. The system determines how many sections are required for each worship group type and automatically assigns people to sections based upon their registration choices. It makes it easy to identify, contact and assign leaders and online hosts. It makes it easy to manage online links or physical location associated with each section and generates assignment listings and welcome emails. It also sends the welcome emails. It took about a day of time spread over a couple days to perform the functions of WG coordinator, including getting confirmations from leaders and hosts and communicating assignments to leaders and participants. It was all painless. Lew Scholl reviewed the system after its debut and said it seemed straight forward and easy to understand. I will introduce it to our next WG coordinator to make their life easier.


I will prepare an online exit survey for Annual Session, but need content. We will use the same survey program as we’ve used for the past two years.

John Gotts



Companion Document for Discussion of Revised Youth Safety Policy

Reasons to review and revise the NPYM Youth Safety Policy

  • Experience: The Youth Safety Policy was written in 2011; we have 9 additional years of experience to consider and build on.

  • Insurance concerns: We adapted ideas from materials provided by Church Mutual.

  • Best practices: We incorporated current “best practices” as used by other organizations involving children and youth.

  • Reactions from college hosts: NPYM has in recent years developed an unfortunate reputation among college event planners in the Pacific Northwest: some of them think of us as a group whose children create extra concerns for campus staff.

Changes in format, etc.:

  • Adds introductory paragraphs to summarize main goals and expectations

  • Makes definitions section more complete and consistent

  • Removes the artificial distinction between “Policies” and “Guidelines”

Significant changes in content (numbered for reference during discussion)

  1. Directs that all interactions w/ children & youth during CP and JF times must allow for observation and intervention

  2. Requires 2 screened staff members or 1 screened staff + 1 screened volunteer w/ each group during all program times. [2011 policy says “Where it is not possible to have 2 adults, a roamer should check in frequently” – this is not sufficient]

  3. Expects parents (or guardians or sponsors) to

    1. read, understand, and follow the policy, confirmed on an agreement form

    2. directly supervise their children (Central Friends age and younger) when the children are not in a scheduled program or activity

  4. Expects all volunteers in Children’s Program to be screened (criminal background check) [a change from the practice of accepting “walk-in” volunteers via registration at AS]

  5. Expects parent or a designated adult to sign all Central Friends in and out [a change from the recent practice allowing CFs’ families to decide whether the CFs can sign themselves in and out; having 2 types of Central Friends, some who can leave on their own and some who must wait for parents, has made it difficult to build and keep a sense of community in the group]

  6. Adds section about mandatory reporting of child abuse

  7. Adds section about appropriate and inappropriate interactions with children/youth

  8. Adds section about registered sex offenders at NPYM events

  9. Adds consequences for non-compliance with the policy (by staff, volunteers, parents, children/youth participants) -- to be appropriate to the seriousness of the situation

  10. Adds general “if you see something, say something” procedures

  11. Expects Central Friends and Junior Friends to discuss the policy as it applies to them

  12. Adds procedures for communicating about the policy, monitoring how it is working, and reviewing/updating it.