Junior Friends

Junior Friends are a vibrant group of Quakers from North Pacific Yearly Meeting who have completed 8th grade up through the summer after high school graduation. Their program at Annual Session is self contained and finalized at their first business meeting. They participate in intergenerational worship sharing during annual session. Junior Friends create and abide by a code of conduct. Junior Friends who come to annual session without a parent need an adult sponsor, and a medical release form signed by a parent which authorizes the sponsor to make emergency medical decisions.

Junior Friends Code of Conduct

1. No sex or other sexual activities

2. No illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

3. No exclusive activities

4. Attend all mandatory activities and get enough sleep to do so

5. Respect right to personal space, personal belongings, and sleep

6. Use kind and compassionate language

7. Listen and be aware of other’s needs and comfort levels in the group

8. Be aware of the way technology use impacts yourself and the group

9. Consent (emotional and physical)

10. Don’t do anything that has the potential to hurt yourself or others

11. Respect and abide by the rules of the location

12. Abide by the Junior Friend’s Safety Policy



Olivia Knowlton and Gabriel Burns


Helen Park and Paul Christiansen


Junior Friends Activities

NPYM Junior Friends Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat is a valuable experience in the lives of young Quakers; every year our Junior Friends, Advisers, and Friendly Adult Presences meet Presidents Day weekend to have fun, enjoy each other's company, play cards, make new friends, worship, and discuss business. Winter Retreat is an incredible opportunity to grow personally and spiritually and build community among Quaker youth. If there's a Junior Friend in your life who has yet to participate in a Junior Friends activity, but would like to, or who has become estranged from the Meeting please don't hesitate to give them the information. It's a genuinely enriching and fun experience to share with everyone!

Next Winter Retreat will be over President’s Day Weekend with further details to be announced at a later date. If you have a Junior Friends who wants to come and needs financial assistance do not hesitate to contact the coordinator, scholarships are available. If you have any questions please contact the Winter Retreat coordinator Desmond Inglis at desmond.inglis2k-at-gmail.com.

Junior Friends Camp

Held from July 30th to August 3rd Junior Friends Camp immediately follows Annual Session. Camp is a time to swim, hike, connect with nature, worship, and have a wonderful time. If you have any questions contact Owen Burge at owenburge2-at-gmail.com or Julia Downing at julialovessoccer30-at-gmail.com.