NPYM Guidelines for Traveling In the Ministry, Study or Exposure to Branches of Friends


At North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Annual Session in 2013 Friends approved the recommendation of The Ad Hoc Committee on External Quaker Relations to establish a fund to assist Friends who are led to travel for visitation as a representative of NPYM to other branches of our Quaker community in the United States.

Subsequently, unity on committees to oversee the administration of the fund could not be found. The Executive Committee of NPYM agreed that for the three-year trial period Meeting groups or, in some cases, Quarterly Meetings be the source for individuals seeking clearness to travel in this manner. NPYM will receive and account for contributions to the fund. The NPYM treasurer will disburse funds to those who have found clearness with Meeting Groups or Quarterly Meetings.

Guidelines for the fund

North Pacific Yearly Meeting agrees to receive contributions for traveling in the ministry, networking, study or exposure to branches of Friends. The Fund will be used for the purposes indicated below. Monies from the fund are for paying the costs of travel only, and are available for Friends who are members, sojourners or seasoned active participants of the Religious Society of Friends within the North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Eligible Friends who are spiritually led to undertake travel in the ministry, networking, study or exposure to various branches of Friends that is consistent with the mission and goals of NPYM may seek clearness for this undertaking with their Meeting group or, in the case of the individual not having a close connection with a Meeting Group, their Quarterly Meeting. Applicants will meet with a Clearness Committee from their local Meeting where they are a active or the Quarterly Meeting where they live and receive a letter of introduction from that respective group. If funds are consistently inadequate additional considerations may be added.

Funding for requests must be submitted to the NPYM treasurer by May 1 of each year to receive a portion of the available funds. Requests which come in after May could find no funds available for the remainder of that year, so it is advantageous to plan ahead and have all clearness processes and supporting material prepared prior to the May deadline. Each year the fund balance will be equally distributed am ong those who have been brought forward by their clearness process. The NPYM treasurer will be responsible for distribution of funds. In general, an applicant is expected to find additional sources of funding.

In any given year there maybe more requests than funds. Given that each applicant  is undergoing a discernment process within his/her home meeting or quarterly Meeting, the funds will be equally distributed among applicants. If there is not enough funds to even support adequately one request, NPYM may need to wait till the following year to make grants.

Required material for a grant from the NPYM Traveling Fund

Requests for a grant from the NPYM Traveling Fund should include:

  • Full name and address of the Friend requesting support.
  • A brief personal history including the name of the Friends meeting from which membership is held or from which clearness is provided.
  • A statement describing the applicant’s spiritual leading.
  • A letter of introduction from the Friend’s monthly or Quarterly meeting.
  • The amount of the request and a budget for the travel to be undertaken, as well as an indication of personal funds that will be used and the response to requests for additional financial support from other sources.
  • Any deadline for registration at an event that the person maybe traveling to.
  • The suggested method for sharing the experience with others in NPYM. Possibilities could include an interest group at Annual Session, an article for Western Friend, travel within the NPYM meetings speaking of the experience.
  • A letter from the applicant's clearness committee.

Advertising the Fund

  • The Associate Clerk of Coordinating committee will work together with the NPYM Webkeeper to find or make an appropriate place in the NPYM website to promote the traveling fund.
  • The Clerk of Coordinating Committee will, at least annually, send communications to Meeting groups information about the fund so that it may be announced or put into meeting newsletters.
  • Participants who have used the fund to travel will be encouraged to speak or write about their experiences.

Donations to the Fund

Donations will be received by the NPYM treasurer and should be earmarked as donations to the Traveling Ministries Fund.

Evaluation of the Fund

The Fund for Traveling in the Ministry will be re-evaluated in three years by an Ad Hoc Committee and will be reported on at the Annual Session in 2017.


Approved by Executive Committee April 21, 2014