North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

October 2020 Coordinating Committee Minutes

North Pacific Yearly Meeting

Coordinating Committee (CC)


October 24, 2020

9:00-11:50 AM PST and 10:00–1:50 MT via Zoom


Meeting was via Zoom due to the coronavirus and the need to keep socially distant.


Steven Aldrich, PNQM M&C Co-clerk, Olympia Friends; Uprooting Systemic Racism Committee Clerk; Celia Castle, rising CC associate Clerk, South Seattle Friends; Margaret Coahran, Outreach & Visitation Clerk, Pullman-Moscow; Mim Coleman, Youth Program Coordinator, Salmon Bay MM; Dorothy Day, rising CC Secretary; Dave Ek, Visitor from Multnomah; Rick Ells, Information Technology Committee Clerk, University Friend; Linda Ellsworth, Clerk of Nominating Committee; Ted Etter, Missoula; Lucy Fullerton on the call as Clerk of Ministry and Counsel, University Friends; Rocky Garrison, CC Clerk, Bridge City Friends Meeting; John Gotts, Webkeeper, Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting; Lucretia Humphrey, position ?, MGOF ??; Nancy Irving, Olympia; Janet Jump, Finance and Legal, Bridge City; Barbara Luetke, RC; Johanna MacNee, Pullman Moscow Monthly Meeting; Jana Ostrom, Rising YM Clerk; University Friends Meeting; Nora J. Percival, out-going NPYM secretary; Sarah Schmidt, Whidbey Island Friends Meeting; Leni Skarin, Agate Passage; Celia Castle South; Donal Sullivan, out-going NPYM treasurer, University Friends; Debbie Townsend, Clerk of NPYM Faith & Practice Committee and Youth Committee, Eastside Friends Meeting; Jane Snyder, Associate Clerk, Multnomah Meeting; Joe Snyder; Outreach and Visitation and Multnomah Meeting; Sylvia Weaver, South Mountain Friends Meeting (Ashland); Caroline Wildflower, Port Townsend Friends Meeting; Corin Whittemore, Treasurer, Umpqua Valley; Virginia Wood, Friends View Worship Group, Salem MMDavid Zeiss, Clerk of NPYM, Eugene MM; Leslie Zobel, visitor from Boise Valley Friends MM.

Opening Worship. Clerk Rocky Garrison began the Meeting with a call for Silence. He read a meaningful quote.


  1. Clerk’s Business

    1. Nora Percival is stepping down as Secretary and Dorothy Day is the new YM Secretary. He ask Jane to draft a minute of appreciation (see later in this document). Nora expressed her gratitude for being able to serve for the last four years. It has been “an enormous spiritual gift.” Nora reminded Friends to keep the MM member directory up to date (this is no longer done at a regular annual time but instead MM are charged with sending changes (e.g., membership, meeting times, Zoom links, etc.) as they occur to the Secretary ( Dorothy briefly introduced herself. She has lived in OR for seven years and has been to AS once. She now has the YM computer and all relevant files. The phone number for the Secretary on the website needs to be changed. Clerk referred that task to the Personnel Committee.

    2. Support of Western Friend. Clerk reminded Friends of the importance of spiritually and financially supporting WF.

    3. Executive Committee. Clerk shared notes from a recent meeting and overviewed current EC work. A Friend requested that both time zones represented by the members of YM be included on all documents where times are listed.

    4. Quaker Voice Request. Clerk explained the history of the QV request for the Washington mailing list of YM and asked for concerns regarding the sharing. Discussion occurred; there was no objection.

  2. Committee Reports

    1. Executive Committee (Rocky Garrison). Clerk showed the minutes from the work of the Personnel Committee and explained their work. Three nominations were received from Nominations Committee and began seasoning.

      1. Jana Ostrom (University) Rising Clerk

      2. Celia Castle (South Seattle) CC Associate Clerk

      3. MariRuth Petzig (Multnomah) Ministry and Counsel

    2. Finance Committee (Janet Jump). Janet reported on who now is approved to sign on the YM accounts. There has been working on the 503C status; however the IRS is in the the process of rewriting some of the rules and so the Financial Committee is waiting on those to make any future decisions. Corin Whittemore reported on the transfers that are occurring as she takes over from the past work of Donal Sullivan. The EC minuted what was officially needed with regard to the checking account.

    3. Nominating Committee (Linda Ellsworth & Ted Etter). Linda is the new clerk of the committee. She shared some of the transitional work that has occurred (e.g., reviewing the process of nominating, re-reading relevant sections of Faith and Practice, etc.). The EC has been seasoning names for the open positions. Linda has sent the updated grid for posting on the website. Discussion occurred. Three nominations were accepted after seasoning from Executive Committee:

      1. Jana Ostrom (University) Rising Clerk

      2. Celia Castle (South Seattle) CC Associate Clerk

      3. MariRuth Petzig (Multnomah) Ministry and Counsel

    4. Outreach & Visitation (Margaret Coahran). Margaret reported that the Knitting Us Together program is the major focus of the committee’s work. The 2020 visitor is Caroline Wildflower. XX is her elder. The committee is working to advertise and find the 2021 visitor. Interested people should contact Linda Ellsworth. Also in this regard the NPYM Facebook page has been revitalized by Necia Quast. Friends are encouraged to join the group and “like” the group so that. they will be informed of the future postings. Friends might also send items to Necia to be posting. Margaret reviewed geographic areas and types of groups where the committee would like to send future visitors.

    5. Peace and Social Concerns (Leni Skarin). See report at the end of this file. Leni reported that the committee has full membership and they are rotating the clerkship. The committee, under the leadership of Susan Cousins, has been working to identify MM Peace and Social Concerns clerks so that they can support MM in their work. Members have also been in contact with national organizations to find out about various projects and will be sharing the findings at a later time. A virtual Peace and Social Concerns open house is being planned for late January.

        1. John Gotts reminded Friends how to contact all committees on the YM website (using the contact form).

        2. Steve Aldrich updated Friends about the Uprooting Systemic Racism Committee. They have been conducting workshops with some MM (e.g., Corvallis, Eugene) and have had requests from other MMs. Throughout the YM there are many MMs that are engaged in discussions of systemic racism. Friends described some of this work using the Zoom chat option. Clerk suggested that this could be a topic for discussion at the next CC meeting.

    6. Youth Committee (Debbie Townsend). See report at the end of this file. Debbie reported that the committee will bring a revised policy to the spring CC meeting. Friends were asked to season the changes and send comments before then.

    7. Site Committee (Lyn Gordon and M). See report at the end of this file. It is most likely that AS will be virtual in 2021.

  3. Queries. Clerk asked for representatives to briefly address the following queries.

    1. How is your meeting convening? Has the MM reviewed and considered the Earth Care Witness Minute? What does your MM do to ensure the safety of children? Data wasn’t taken but roughly most meetings are meeting on Zoom but almost as many are using some type of hybrid schedule and some are experimenting with different meeting places with windows and doors open despite the colder weather. Most have not dealt with the Earth Care Minute (Available on the YM website under Minutes Under Review Clerk encouraged Friends to take up the Earthcare minute with their MM before we meet in the spring. Few representatives mentioned what their MM is doing with their Children’s program. Book clubs and Game Nights have been formed and some MM are holding Adult Ed to build community. One Meeting is taking a break this year (calling it a Composing Season) and meeting only when there is need to and without a clerk.

  1. New Worship Group. Virginia Wood reported on Friendsniew Worship Group in Newburg ?? which is under the care of Salem MM.

  2. NPYM Clerk Remarks (David Zeiss). David Zeiss reported that AS in 2021 will most likely be on Zoom. FGC Gathering will be virtual only. Spring is too late to make the decision and David recommended that a decision by January is recommended. EC will make the decision in consultation with the Site Committee and the AS Planning Committee. David is open to input from anyone on CC. Rocky clarified that attempts will be made to involve other Friends as well.

  3. Minute of Appreciation. Jane Snyder drafted a minute of appreciation for Nora Percival . It read: North Pacific Yearly Meeting deeply appreciates the inspired, competent and dedicated service of Nora Percival as NPYM Secretary for more than 4 years.

  4. Comments were accepted. Jane will share the minute with Nora.

  5. Approval of Names for Nominating. Clerk asked for concerns for Judith Clarke and Barbara Luetke to the CC Nominating Committee.

  6. Clerk expressed his appreciation for those who take on committee responsibilities.


Treasurer’s Report. Two files pertaining to finances are posted on the YM Website.


The meeting closed with Worship at 1:10.



  • Next meeting will be in March.


Minute on Earthcare for NPYM July 2020

Coming through the Spiritual Unification Ministry of Friend eric maya joy, a

released Friend from Olympia Meeting, a group of Friends from eight monthly

meetings has been gathering to name a concern rising among us. Drawing

inspiration from a minute currently being seasoned by Quaker Earthcare Witness,

we have drafted a minute for the yearly meeting’s consideration. We present it

today with queries and suggestions for how our monthly meetings might explore

what Truth it holds for them.

We recognize that the Light pervades creation: shines not just in humans,

but in all other beings, and the spaces around us all. We bear witness to the

continuing revelation coming through the living world. As we see our place

in the web of relationships that make up creation, we release any sense of

domination. We act to restore and maintain the relationships and processes

that allow life on Earth to thrive.

We invite you to explore with your monthly meetings how we answer “that of God” We suggest having a program with your meeting that might

How are the seeds of ecological destruction embodied in our lifestyles? Which social and spiritual relationships are at risk?

in the living world.

- Worship sharing / discussion about the minute

- An experience of worship with another-than-human being and sharing about

what that experience was like

- Worship sharing with some of the following queries:

What does it mean to your spiritual journey to have continuing revelation come

through the living world?

What role does domination play in your life? How will releasing this sense

change how you live?

Some of us from this group are happy to facilitate a program second hour at

your meeting on this subject. In this time of virtual meeting, this can be very easy

to do! Please get in touch with Mary Ann Percy to make arrangements.

Anna Fritz Multnomah MM, Maia Ostrom Agate Passage FM, Lucretia Humphrey MGOF,

Mary Ann Percy Bellingham MM, Jeff Smith, Jonathan Betz-Zall UFM.


Nominating Committee

Report to Coordinating Committee, Fall 2020

Nominating Committee is starting the new NPYM fiscal year with a new clerk (Linda Ellsworth) and two new members, Judith Clarke and Barb Luetke. With the departure of Jasmine Krotkov and Ted Etter, we no longer have a member from MGOF.

We recently found nominees for three positions and sent them to the Executive Committee for approval. Those nominees are:

  • • Jana Ostrom (University) for Rising Clerk

  • • Celia Castle (Olympia) for Associate Clerk of Coordinating Committee

  • • MariRuth Petzig for Ministry and Counsel

We are considering which of the roughly 15 remaining vacant positions need our attention next. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee is without a clerk, and most of the members of that committee will have their terms end next September. The Committee for the Discipline (Faith and Practice) will have less of Jana Ostrom’s time as she steps into the Rising Clerk role. We also lack a Program Coordinator for the next Annual Session. Some positions associated with the staging of the 2021 Annual Session may not need to be filled if Coordinating Committee determines that the gathering should be done online again instead of in person in Missoula.

Respectfully submitted,

Ted Etter, outgoing Clerk, NPYM Nominating Committee

Linda Ellsworth, incoming Clerk, NPYM Nominating Committee


Site Committee

Site Committee met this past Tuesday evening via Zoom; here is our committee update for Saturday's Coordinating Committee meeting.  I had not planned on attending in person; Johanna and Margaret are well-informed about Site Committee's work.

Regarding our current plans for an in-person gathering at the University of Montana (UM) in Missoula in July 2021, Bev Young has been in regular contact with staff at UM.  At present, gatherings of more than 50 people are not allowed, so -- this will be a recurring theme -- we can only wait and hope that the pandemic abates, a vaccine is deployed, and the campus reopens fully.  Even if larger gatherings become possible, it seems likely that future gatherings will have a virtual component, which is relevant to site selection (e.g., the suitability of physical and technical for a hybrid gathering).  Bev will be in contact with Lew Scholl to coordinate communication with UM and has kindly agreed to serve as a local contact.

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee plans to bring a "revised revision" of the NPYM Youth Safety Policy to Coordinating Committee for our Spring meeting. We had once hoped to have it ready for today, but since a number of Friends have asked for more review time, we have changed the due date for comments to the end of 2020. Several Committee members attended the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative sharing sessions on child safety last month. We took away much helpful information and further resources and models to explore.

The Youth Committee wants to assure Friends once again that we will take all comments into discernment. Responses that arise from group discussion and seasoning are particularly helpful.

The Youth Committee clerk is working to organize the Youth Coordinator's annual evaluation. The other main task at hand is an update to the Youth Opportunity Fund process. After receiving guidance from other NPYM committees, we will consider: increasing the maximum award amount; extending YOF grants to groups, not just individuals; changing to a twice-a-year funding cycle timed to encourage young Friends to apply for grants that will help them participate in summer events such as Friends General Conference and winter events such as the New Year's Gathering of Young Adult Friends and the Junior Friends winter gathering (formerly known as the snow trip).

-- Debbie Townsend, Clerk, NPYM Youth Committee