North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Peace and Social Concerns

The NPYM Peace and Social Concerns Committee is back in operation, working on our mission, “Supporting Peace and Social Concerns of Meetings, Worship Groups, and Individuals in NPYM.”

Our Clerk is Susan Cozzens (Eastside). We are rotating clerking our meetings and our members are Susan Cozzens, Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh (Multnomah), Leslie Hickcox (Multnomah), Verna Lilly (Tacoma), Eric Straatsma (Tacoma), and Leni Skarin (Agate Passage). Our meeting dates and times are in the NPYM calendar. 

We are identifying PSC contacts for monthly meetings and worship groups (MWGs). About half of the NPYM MWGs have designated contacts. If you want to check on whether yours is on the list, contact your clerk or our committee ( We welcome new contacts. 

We surveyed Meetings and Worship Groups in the Fall of 2020 to see what issues they were working on, as meetings or individuals. We have used our spring meetings as Sharing Sessions to give meetings or individuals with an interest in the most-mentioned issue areas a chance to share what they are doing. Watch this page and the NPYM calendar for the topics. All are welcome to join those discussions. On request, Susan is happy to set up additional Zoom sessions on other issues on which Friends would like to share across NPYM the actions they are taking.  

Notes from the first sharing session, on Earthcare Actions, are available here

Notes from the second sharing session, on Immigrant Support, are available here.

Sharing Session on Racial Justice Actions 

Our third sharing session will be June 28, co-hosted with the Uprooting Systemic Racism Committee, starting at 6 pm Pacific/7 pm Mountain. The purpose of the session is to share experience over the past year with work by individuals or meetings towards the goal of the NPYM minute: "We commit individually and as meetings to take action that dismantles oppressive societal attitudes and institutions, creates equity, and constructs multiracial movements to solve the pressing problems of our times." Work on homelessness/housing and police/prison issues are included because they embody systemic racism; reports are welcome to include other such issues. The discussion will inform NPYM's assessment of progress on its commitment. 

Please register for the session at this link. You will receive the Zoom connection information when you register.

A compilation of what meetings were doing on racial justice at the time of our survey last fall is available here. You can add or update what your meeting is doing in that file. 

NPYM-affiliated national PSC organizations 

Our charge from NPYM includes convening NPYM's representatives to national peace and social concerns organizations. These are currently AFSC, FCNL, Friends Peace Teams, and QEW. 

Upcoming or recent events from these groups: 

AFSC (American Friends Service Committee): Upcoming event: Quaker Social Change Ministry: Deepen work for racial justice  June 8, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 p.m. PT. Quaker Social Change Ministry provides a simple but transformative approach to doing social change work, bringing together small groups of Friends to focus on an issue that connects the congregation, the local community, and AFSC. In this session, AFSC’s Lucy Duncan will offer an overview of the model, including developing a covenant or shared spiritual agreements, sharing spiritual practice and worship, and using storytelling as a way to connect with one another and grow as practitioners of accompaniment. This will be followed by time in smaller groups to discuss how you might use this model in your local faith or social justice group. Register here.

FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation): Upcoming events: Thursdays with Friends on June 10 on Advocated Advancing Change. Quaker Changemakers: June 23, Talking Through Political Disagreements: Is It Even Worth It? 

Friends Peace Teams  Event: Soldiers Without Guns: Film Screening and Discussion, Friday June 11, 8 pm New York.  

QEW (Quaker Earthcare Witness) Check the section of their web site on Fossil Free Friends. As noted above, notes from the NPYM Earthcare Sharing session are available here.           



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