Financial Aid Policy For Attendance at Annual Session

NPYM Financial Aid Policy for Attendance at Annual Session

Revised and approved by Coordinating Committee, July 2015

NPYM does not want anyone to miss our annual session due to financial limitations. The yearly meeting has funds available to help Friends attend the annual session. Monthly Meetings should feel clear to use these funds as a supplement to whatever financial aid funds they may have available. The process for accessing the funds has two paths: one is for Friends who are connected to a monthly meeting, worship group, or preparative meeting; the other is for isolated Friends.

Monthly Meetings know the individuals and families who are part of their worshipping communities. Therefore they should make the decisions about who gets Financial Aid, and how much, knowing that the Yearly Meeting has funds available for that purpose. Friends from worship groups and preparative meetings under the care of a monthly meeting should be included as part of this process at the monthly meeting level. Once the MM has made decisions about giving money for financial aid to annual session they should notify the NPYM Registrar about who is getting how much. The MM writes a check to NPYM for however much they can afford of the total they granted. (The MM can either hand the check to the Registrar when their contact person arrives at the Annual Session, or mail it to the NPYM Treasurer.) The NPYM Financial Aid fund will pick up any balance that the Monthly Meeting cannot cover.

Friends who are not affiliated with a NPYM monthly meeting (this includes isolated Jr. and Young Friends) may access funds directly from the yearly meeting. Prior to annual session, they should contact the clerk of the NPYM Ministry and Counsel committee with their request for financial assistance. (They can get contact information from the website or from the NPYM Secretary. The M&C clerk, in consultation with the treasurer and the registrar, will make decisions about granting financial assistance to isolated friends.

In an effort to make the money go as far as it can, we encourage Friends to request funds early and get the registration in to take advantage of the early registration discount. If someone is wanting financial aid to annual session they should get their registration in prior to the late registration deadline; the YM will not cover the 10% late fee.

Friends are reminded that there is a difference between fee waivers for those whose primary service is working at Annual Session and financial aid that is for those who need help paying to attend. The following positions typically receive fee waivers:

  • Annual Session Planning Committee members

  • Children’s program staff

  • NPYM employees

  • Friend in Residence

  • NWYM visitor

Contact the Annual Session Registrar or General Arrangements Clerk for more information about fee waivers.