Funding for items not in the Budget

Minute SC 7-89-7: The following policy regarding funding for non-budgeted items was approved. See Minute 5-89-11.

Requests for non-budgeted funds will be considered with the following criteria in mind and should meet at least two of these criteria. Requests should be made to the Yearly Meeting Budget Committee* (through the Steering Committee Clerk**) which will make recommendations to Steering Committee ***

1. The funding will be for NPYM business or for purposes which will directly benefit NPYM.

2. The funding be requested by a Monthly or Preparative Meeting, Worship Group, Quarterly Meeting or other Friends organization.

3. The funding is requested for a project that is under a Meeting release to do ministry or service.

4. The funding enable a person to have a "once in a lifetime" chance for growth.

5. The funding enable the person to accomplish something that they otherwise would be unable to do.

6. Provision of such funding be fiscally responsible.

7. First requests will be given priority over repeat requests.

In addition to the above criteria the following factors are noted:

A. The Steering Committee*** may offer the use of the Yearly meeting list of Meetings for requesting help in financing a project.

B. The recipient of funds will be expected to report in writing to Steering Committee within two months and to share the results of the project with Quarterly Meetings, Monthly Meetings and others as appropriate.

*As of 2009, with a new structure, there is no Budget Committee. This should be the Finance & Legal Committee.

** As of 2009, this should be the Coordinating Committee Clerk

*** As of 2009 this should be Coordinating Committee. From the job description of the Coordinating Committee: “Approve expenditures from within the framework of the budget.”