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Children and Youth of North Pacific Yearly Meeting

Ideas for local Children's Programs

In early 2015, Jay Thatcher and Katherine Spinner visited several local meetings in NPYM to further the conversation on children’s religious education.  With sponsorship from Youth Committee, the visits included discussions that brought out many ideas and successful programs that Friends have used in small and large programs.  

Excited by the discussion in her meeting, Judith Bledsoe from Missoula Friends Meeting offers these plans and photos for First Day School in a Box.  When packed, a box or bag can offer plans and materials for Sunday School teachers to use, whether they've years of experience and hours of time to prepare...or very little of either.

Please read, copy, use and adapt from the collected wisdom of these meetings.  If you have more to contribute to the discussion, send your ideas and experiences to

Annual Session Children’s Program

North Pacific Yearly Meeting annual session is a time when we meet as a wider community of Quakers. Once here, we worship together, make plans together, listen to each other, play and make art and sing. For five days we live in a trusting community where we can open up to each other and to God. Each group of children has a program designed to suit their age level and to connect them to the larger gathering.

Central Friends (Middle School-age)

central friends

Central Friends are the Middle-School-aged Quakers who have completed 6th grade and not yet entered 9th grade. They are teenagers standing squarely in the exciting and difficult place between childhood and adult life. Their program is set up to let them help shape and run their activities with supervision from the leaders. Their point of view and the issues we lead them through are often very grown up, but they still love horseplay and kid’s games. Capture the flag is a perennial favorite!

Junior Friends

Junior Friends are a vibrant group of Quakers from North Pacific Yearly Meeting who have completed 8th grade up through the summer after high school graduation. Their program at Annual Session is self contained and finalized at their first business meeting. They participate in intergenerational worship sharing during annual session. Junior Friends create and abide by a code of conduct.

Young Adult Friends

Young Friends of North Pacific Yearly Meeting, recently re-formed, are a small (but nonetheless mighty) group of Friends aged 18-35 looking for chances to grow and expand. Since our inception, we have been looking for ways to reach out to those individuals who might be interested in being a part of our assembly. We hope that by asking Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups to extend our invitation into the community, we will come across a group of Friends who are still searching for a spiritual niche to call their own.

Youth Opportunity Fund

The Youth Opportunity Fund supports spiritual growth among the Central, Junior, and Young Adult Friends of North Pacific Yearly Meeting -- that is, among young Quakers from middle-school age to about 35. YOF grants are intended to help young people in NPYM take part in events, activities, and other experiences that will nurture their spiritual lives and encourage Spirit-led action. For examples of how young people might use YOF grants, see the information sheet below.

Grants to individuals can be up to $750, grants to groups up to $1500.

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