Chronology of NPYM Meetings and Worship Groups

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Agate Passage (University)

Agate Passage (University)

Agate Passage, 2004

Some founding Friends from Indianola WG (unsponsored; later called “Indianola- Bainbridge Island WG”).

Bellingham, 1975 (University)

Bellingham, 1980 (University)

Bellingham, 1997

Billings, 1968 (unsponsored)

Billings (unsponsored)

Billings, 1984

Boise Valley, 1982 (Corvallis)

Boise Valley (Corvallis)

Boise Valley, 1990

Bozeman, 1960s (MGOF)

See Heartland MM and MGOF.

Bridge City 1996 (Multnomah)

Bridge City (Multnomah)

Bridge City, 2004

Buckley (Tacoma)

In south King County, WA.

Butte, 1982

Laid down. See Heartland and MGOF.

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Central Oregon, 1982 (Salem)

In Bend OR. Formerly called Juniper WG. Note that what is now Salem MM was originally called Central Oregon WG and was part of Willamette Valley MM until 1962.

Chelan-Methow, 1994 (unsponsored)

Former name: Methow Valley.

Coeur d’Alene (Eastside)

Laid down.

Corvallis, 1927 (Willamette Valley)

Corvallis, 1954 (Willamette Valley)

Corvallis, 1962

See Willamette Valley MM.

Deer Lodge, 1982

Laid down.

Dillon, early 1980s (MGOF)

See Heartland MM and MGOF.

Eastside, 1956 (University)

Eastside, 1957 (University)

Eastside, 1961

Ellensburg, 1951 (unsponsored)

There have been several WGs in Ellensburg over the years.

Eugene (Salem)

Eugene, 1949 (Salem)

Eugene, 1956

Eureka, 2004 (Missoula)

Everett, 1979 (University)

Now Marysville WG.

Fanno Creek, 1986 (Multnomah)

Florence, 1991 (Eugene)

Glacier Valley, 2010 (Missoula)

Grants Pass, 2016 (South Mountain)

Gray’s Harbor, 2004

Laid down.

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Great Falls, 1987 (MGOF)

See Heartland MM and MGOF.

Heartland, 1986

Heartland, 1989

Heartland MM combined the Bozeman, Butte, Deer Lodge, and Helena WGs.

Heartland was laid down as a MM and folded into MGOF, a quarterly meeting,

which functions for this purpose as a

monthly meeting.

Helena, 1975 (MGOF)

See Heartland MM and MGOF.

Horizon House, 2016 (unsponsored)

In Seattle WA. Most participants are from University Meeting.

Indianola, 1979 (unsponsored)

Later became Indianola- Bainbridge Island WG and came under care of University MM. See Agate Passage MM.

Juniper (Salem)

Became Central Oregon WG in 1982.

Lopez, 1989 (Salmon Bay)

Lopez (Bellingham)

Lopez Island, 2016

Lower Columbia, 2008 (Multnomah)

In Ilwaco WA.

Marysville, 1991 (University)

Formerly Everett WG (1979).

Mid-Columbia, 2015 (Eastside)

In Kennewick WA.

Mission Valley, 2004 (Missoula)

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Missoula, 1940s (University)

Missoula, 1983 (University)

Missoula, 1986

Monroe, 1987 (under the care of a committee from University, Eastside, and

Salmon Bay MMs, then under the care of Pacific

Northwest QM)

WG in the state prison. Laid down 2000.

Montana Gathering of Friends [MGOF]: joined NPYM

as a quarterly meeting in 1988; functioning also as a monthly meeting since


MGOF is a quarterly meeting which since 2010 also functions as a monthly meeting for Friends in Bozeman, Dillon, Great Falls, and Helena WGs.

Mountain View, 1980 (Multnomah)

Multnomah (Willamette Valley)

Multnomah, 1951 (Willamette Valley)

Multnomah, 1957

Original name: Portland WG. See Willamette Valley MM.

North Coast, 1986 (Multnomah)

Laid down 1989.

Ocean Park

Olympia, 1972 (Tacoma)

Olympia, 1977 (Tacoma)

Olympia, 1979

Orcas Island, 1982 (unsponsored)

Laid down as a Friends WG; now an inter-



Pocatello, 2004

Laid down.

Port Townsend, 1960 (University)

Port Townsend (University)

Port Townsend, 2002


See Multnomah MM.

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Pullman-Moscow (Eastside)

Pullman-Moscow, 1971 (Eastside)

Pullman- Moscow,1982

Quaker Midweek Worship Group, mid-2000s (Multnomah)

Met informally since mid-2000s, under Multnomah MM’s care since 2016.

Rogue Valley, 1967 (Eugene)

Rogue Valley, 1980 (Eugene)

Rogue Valley, 1988 (now South Mountain)

Salem, 1962

Original name: Central Oregon WG (1979). See

Willamette MM.

Salmon Bay, early 1980s (University)

Salmon Bay (University)

Salmon Bay, 1991

Original name: Queen Anne- Ballard Home WG.

San Juan, 1978 (unsponsored)

Sandpoint, 1980 (Eastside)

Sandpoint (Eastside)

Sandpoint, 1995

Sequim, late 1990s

Laid down 2010.

Shelton, 2004

Laid down.

Sheridan Community of Wyoming Friends Meeting, mid- 1980s

Sheridan Friends often participate in MGOF and NPYM activities.

Skagit, 1982

Laid down.

Sky Valley, 1996 (Eastside)

South Mountain, 1989

Former name: Rogue Valley WG, PM (1980), MM

(1989). Renamed

in 2001.

South Seattle, 2003 (University)

South Seattle, 2007 (University)

South Seattle, 2011

Original name: Central Seattle Home WG (mid- 1980s).

Southwest Washington, 1982 (Multnomah)

Laid down 2010.

Worship Group (under the care of)

Preparative Meeting (under the care of)

Monthly Meeting


Spokane, 1978 (Eastside)

Laid down; re-formed w/

co-sponsorship of Spokane Friends

Church, 2016.

Tacoma, 1951 (University)

Tacoma, 1952 (University)

Tacoma, 1958

Tonasket, 2004

Laid down.

Umpqua Valley, 1979 (Eugene)

University, 1934 (began under care of Friends

Memorial Meeting [now North Seattle Friends Church], Puget Sound QM

of Indiana YM)

University, 1938

University, 1940

Vashon, 1980 (Tacoma)

Originally an unsponsored WG.

Waldron Island, early 1970s

Walla Walla (Eastside)

Walla Walla, 1980 (Eastside)

Whidbey Island (Port Townsend)

Whidbey Island (Port Townsend)

Whidbey Island, 2012

Willamette Valley, 1948 (part of two larger groups: Pacific YM and Northwest Half- Yearly Meeting)

Willamette Valley MM was formed by Portland (now Multnomah), Corvallis, and Central Oregon (now Salem) WGs. Multnomah became a separate MM in 1957.

Willamette Valley MM divided into Corvallis and Salem

MMs in 1962.

Wolf Creek, 1975

Laid down late 1980s.

Yakima Valley, 1960 (Tacoma)

Laid down 2013.