NPYM Annual Session Registration – AS 2019

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If you arrive on Monday or Tuesday you must obtain keys & swipe cards at the college office before 7:00 p.m.

Registering Party Information

To resume a saved registration for this annual session enter email and password on top line and click Resume.
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Otherwise fill in the blanks including your new password twice, and continue below.

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Family Name








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Transportation Need:

Pickup     Dropoff


Emergency Contact:

Name    Relation    Phone   Ext

Emergency Contact:

Name    Relation    Phone   Ext

Individuals’ Details

Adults are asked to select worship group and job assignments. Many of the job assignments assist teachers for short periods in the children's program.
You can learn more about worship groups, interest groups and the children's program at under Programs.

Fill in the blanks

Make selections    Only set arrival/departure if differ from family.

In each row put a check in boxes
that apply to the named person

First Name
of person attending

Name yourself first,
as group contact

To add a person to your group with a different
last name enter
"lastname, firstname(s)",
e.g. Smith, Lisa Anne



Activity Group

Worship Group Choice

Job - 1st Choice

Job Time - 1st Choice

Job - 2nd Choice

Job Time - 2nd Choice

Meal Choice

Lodging Choice

Arrival Time
if differs from family

Departure Time
if differs from family

See Notes (click for notes)

Sponsored Youth

Lead Interest Group?

First Time Here?

First Aid / CPR Certified?


Needs No Stairs

Needs Near Bathroom

Waivered Position

JF Camp Registration

Other email
to receive an
exit survey.

Survey is always sent to the family email address.

NOTE: If members of your party qualify for a fee waiver be sure to check the "Waivered Position" checkbox (near the right end of their row) for each case.

NOTE: Adults may choose "single" or "double" occupancy rooms for lodging. You save money by rooming together in double-occupancy.

Cost and Payment Summary
1. Click the Calculate button. 2. Choose a Fee Option. 3.Read what follows below before proceding.

 Traditional Fee

After choosing a fee option: 1) choose a payment amount and method at bottom left,
2) review the cost summary, then 3) click the button to Submit Your Registration.
You may Save and Resume this registration at any time, using your email address and password to resume.

Fee Selection Choices:
Traditional Fee is the total cost for your family and includes lodging, board, facility fees, program fees and waivers.
Sustaining Fee is a suggested fee to help cover children and limited income costs.
Limited Income Fee is a suggested fee for Friends on fixed or limited income, or who are not able to pay the Traditional Fee.
Pay As You Are Led is an alternative where you may set any fee, including $0.00. Enter the amount in the box provided.

The preferred payment method is by check payable to "NPYM" to:

Donal Sullivan
NPYM Treasurer
4001 9th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Write the Registration Last Name on the Memo line of your check.
Pay by two weeks prior to the event if possible.
Do Not send checks after that date; bring to check-in.

To cancel your registration check box and click button:

 Sustaining Fee

 Limited Income Fee

First set an amount, then check box.

 Pay As You Are Led

Family Chosen Fee

Payments received

Balance due at check-in  


mail check  use PayPal  pay later 
After you "Submit Your Registration" a confirmation message will appear near the top of this page. Read the message carefully. It might indicate missing information, and require a resubmission.

If the message says your registration was successfully submitted you will receive a welcome email confirming your registration. If you do not receive that email within a few hours contact the registrar at

Please remit 50% of your intended payment to confirm your registration and guarantee bed spaces needed. If you need to cancel, please contact the registrar as soon as possible. Cancellations after the start of registration check-in and no shows will not be eligible for full refund.

Cost should not be a barrier to attendance, so Friends are expected to pay whatever they can easily afford in accordance with their own financial situation. You may designate your desired payment in the "Family Chosen Fee" field.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover the costs of others, put the amount of your donation in the area provided and click the Calculate button to set your new chosen fee.

After you submit this registration a page will appear to explain PayPal payment options.

Click the Pay Now button at the bottom of that page to complete your payment using PayPal.