Table of Contents

Plenary Session # 1    Wednesday July 18, 2012. 1

Meeting for Worship 1

Plenary Session # 2    Thursday, July 19, 2012. 1

2012:1   Welcome and Introductions. 1

2012:2   Roll Call of meetings. 1

2012:3   Managing Information and Emergent Concerns. 2

2012:4   Nominating Committee request to “lay fallow” for nine months. 2

2012:5   Epistle Committee: 3

Plenary Session # 3    Thursday, July 19, 2012. 5

Friend in Residence. 5

Plenary Session # 4    Thursday, July 19, 2012. 7

2012:6   Report from Ad hoc Committee on Affiliation with Friends General Conference. 7

2012:7   Friends World Conference for Consultation: 7

2012:8   Representation and Funding Affiliated Organizations: 8

Plenary Session # 5    Friday July 20, 2012. 9

2012:9   Emergent Concern: FCNL request for endorsement of minute: 9

2012:10   Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Extra Day of Annual Session. 9

2012:11   Nomination Slate: 9

2012:12   Coordinating Committee Clerk’s Report: Melody Ashworth. 10

2012:13   M and O report back on Nominating Committee issues (see 2012:4): 10

Plenary Session # 6    Friday July 20, 2012. 11

2012:14   State of Society Reports: 11

2012:15   Minutes of plenary session #5 were approved. 11

2012:16   The Naming Committee: 11

2012:17   Ad Hoc Committee on NPYM Representatives and Funding for Affiliated Organizations: 11

2012:18   Current Nominating Committee jobs in process. 11

2012:19   Finance and Legal Committee and Budget: 11

2012:20   Ministry and Oversight Committee Report: 12

2012:21   Epistle Committee: 12

Plenary Session # 7    Saturday July 21, 2012. 13

2012:22   Addendum from Treasurer: 13

2012:23   Completion of the work of the current Nominating Committee at this Annual Session. 13

2012:24   Naming Committee- a new Nominating Committee: 13

2012:25   State of Society Reports: 13

2012:26   Continued discernment of affiliation with FGC. 13

Plenary Session # 8    Sunday July 22, 2012. 16

2012:27   Epistle from Pre-K and Early Elementary: 16

2012:28   Report from the Naming Committee. 16

2012:29   Epistles from Upper Elementary, Central Friends and Junior Friends. 16

2012:30   Minutes of Plenary Session #7 approved. 16

2012:31   Report on the Evaluation of Structure committee. 16

2012:32   The tragedy in Aurora Colorado. 16

2012:33   Relationships with other Friends Organization. 17

2012:34   Ad Hoc Friends General Conference Seasoning Committee (2011): 17

2012:35   Registrar’s report. 17

2012:36   Harry Strong Berenson, Multnomah Meeting. 17

2012:37   State of Society Reports. 17

2012:38   Donations to Right Sharing of World Resources. 17

2012:39   Memorials that were held at this Annual Session: 17

2012:40   Final Epistle. 18

2012:41   Final Minute from the Presiding Clerk ,John Allcott 18

2012:42   Minutes of Plenary Session #8 approved. 18


North Pacific Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends

ANNUAL SESSION 7/18/2011 - 07/22/2012





Plenary Session #1  
Wednesday July 18, 2012


The entire first session was devoted to worship after which there were brief intergenerational games led by the NPYM Ministry and Oversight Committee.


Plenary Session #2  
Thursday, July 19, 2012

830 –10:00 AM


The Meeting settled into worship with a concern for of business.

2012:1   Welcome and Introductions

 Clerk, John Alcott welcomed everyone and introduced our time together at the 2012 gathering of Friends at the Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting. Our theme this year is “Listening in Tongues” to be addressed by our Friend in Residence, Benigno Sanchez Eppler in Plenary Session #3.

2012:2   Roll Call of meetings.

The Clerk read the roll call of meetings whose members attending, stood when their meeting was called. Visitors introduced themselves.

Other Introductions:

Annual Session Planners

General Arrangements: Kat and Chris Willard

Physical Arrangements: Angie Alexander, Carolyn Laskowski, KernanShaw

Program: Lyn Gordon

Volunteer Coordinator: Mim Lilly

Registrar: Margaret Coahran

Children’s Program: Coordinator - Lynn Travis

Jr Friends Advisors: Joe Snyder and Meghann Willard, Clara Ewert and Luci Travis Co-clerks

Central Friends Advisors: Mark Sharp, Megge Van Valkenberg, Upper Elementary Jon Strohbein Jane Snyder, Ethan Berleman & Becca Sullivan

Pre-K and early elementary: Kelly Larson, Katherine Spinner and Carolyn Wildflower

After introductions of planners, the children and their teachers left for their program.

Introductions of Friends from other yearly meetings

Benigno Sanchez Eppler, NEYM, Friend in Residence

Elenita Bales NWYM

Del and Suzanne Livingston NWYM

Carrie Hutchinson NWYM

Emma Candor Mamami from Bolivia

Eleanor and Margaret Post from Baltimore Yearly Meeting

2012:3   Managing Information and Emergent Concerns

The Clerk spoke to efforts to reduce the amount of printed material generated for Annual Session. All reports from committees were placed on the NPYM website. Hard copies of those reports have been printed and gathered into notebooks for attenders to read. The agendas are projected onto screens during Plenary Sessions.

The Clerk asked for emergent concerns to come directly to him. He reminded Friends that the good order of Friends is to season a concern through committees, monthly meeting, and with other monthly meetings before the concern comes to the Yearly Meeting. The meeting does have one emergent concern to consider - a request from the NPYM Nominating Committee to “lay fallow” for nine months.

2012:4   Nominating Committee request to “lay fallow” for nine months.

Pam Melick, Clerk of Nominating Committee introduced the request from the committee, “Nominating committee recommends laying fallow the regular work of Nominating Committee for nine months (August 15, 2012May 15, 2013).” In her comments she reported the committee is not able to fill the many positions in the Yearly Meeting and for Annual Session planning. Their committee is diminished to three people. Remaining committee members have struggled with learning names of Friends and attenders who might fill these positions and when asked have often replied “no.” The purpose of the committee’s recommending a period of inactivity for nine months is to rebuild the committee to full strength and allow the Yearly Meeting to explore what might make the Yearly Meeting a more vital and active part of Friends’ lives and its members are more willing to serve on committees.

Ministry and Oversight, during their retreat before Annual Session considered this request and generated the following queries:

1.      We applaud the courage it took for Nominating Committee to state how it is with them.

2.      How many people are needed to work on the Nominating Committee? Can help come from the Standing Committees like M and O, Children’s Committee, Peace and Justice Committee?

3.      What is the Spirit energy of the group? What is the job of Nominating Committee? To fill positions or find people’s needs and gifts?

4.      Is it time for a Jubilee Year throughout AS- where there is no planting? We would just eat what grows and all debts are cancelled?

5.      Why did folks leave the committee?

6.      Would Nominating Committee be supported with a process of consultation throughout the AS? Would support through Worship Sharing provide for way opening?

7.      What would happen if all members of NPYM look at our commitment to the Religious Society of Friends? Can we expect to give money and time to put our Quaker faith as a priority?

8.      Could renaming Nominating Committee to “Committee of Gifts and Talents” give more life?

Coordinating Committee Clerk, Melody Ashworth, reviewed Coordinating Committee activity on this issue. On several occasions standing committee members and coordinating committee members were asked to think of individuals who might be considered for possible work within the Yearly Meeting and share them with the Nominating Committee.

Pam Melick indicated the committee is not asking to be laid down, but that their work be laid fallow. There would no names brought to the Coordinating Committee for approval during the next nine months. Many of the critical positions prioritized by the Coordinating Committee have been filled but no changes could be addressed during this time nor would new nominees be considered and approved by Coordinating Committee.

Questions from the floor:

Question: Could we create two Yearly Meetings – turn the Quarterly Meetings into YM’s – reducing travel and expense and concern for global warming?

Question: what effort has been made to find young Friends to fill positions?

Question: Why should nominating committee members add more work? Would it be better to solve the problem through our upcoming evaluation-of- structure process. How about returning to practice of surveying attenders at Annual Session? This Friend felt strongly that the nominating committee should not nominate itself to the committee. In the past, appointments to nominating committee made by Coordinating Committee at the beginning of the AS permitted them to work during the session.

Question: What is our response as Quakers when we are asked to do a job?

The Clerk indicated there would be an opportunity to ask questions of M and O and Nominating today at lunch.

The Clerk asked for volunteers to assist with this work, an ongoing effort by M and O and Nominating Committee during this Annual Session. The following people offered their help.

Pablo Stanfield

Annis Bleeke

Kat Willard

Dorsey Green

Lucy Fullerton

Don Goldstein

Dorene Cornwall

Dave Fabik

Petra Perkin

Mim Lilly

A meeting place was found. Recommendation from Nominating Committee is attached. [02a]

2012:5   Epistle Committee:

Alan Mountjoy Venning for the Epistle Committee asked: What is our condition? How is the Spirit with you and with us? Epistles come to us in various forms. He then read an “epistle” from Nancy Ewert who is home on Lopez Island with Greg, her husband who is dying and daughters Emma and Lilly. Clara, co clerk of Junior Friends is with us here at Annual Session. Following is her letter.

Dear Friends

I picture you all there gathered in loving and faithful community and I feel great sadness to not be with was only two years ago that shortly after AS in Montana and Junior Friends camp in Idaho, that my husband, Greg, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. We have lived those two years knowing that it would take his life. but how we have lived!! We have learned more about boundless, enduring love in all of it's forms than we ever knew was possible. We have learned that our children have deep inner strength and wisdom fostered by so many of you throughout these years. We have learned that God speaks to us in many different languages, some of which we do not understand. We have learned that in life we can be called on a sacred path that we did not choose and that it only sometimes FEELS sacred but always carries unexpected blessings. And we have learned that life is more unpredictable than we ever really think it is and that we must continue to steer our vessel through stormy seas with faith we don't always believe we have. So here during this time, we are at our home on Lopez island helping Greg leave his earthly form. Clara will be with you for a few of your days there. The rest of us are with you in spirit and we know we are held in your hearts with love.

In Peace
Nancy Ewert

The meeting closed with worship.

Plenary Session #3  
Thursday, July 19, 2012

10:30 - 12:00 noon


Friend in Residence

Plenary Session # 3 was devoted to an address by our Friend in Residence, Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, a Friend from New England Yearly Meeting. Benigno was introduced by Pablo Stanfield and Ann Stever, University Meeting, who read a letter of introduction from Benigno’s Northhampton Monthly Meeting Speaking out of worship, Benigno addressed the theme of our Annual Session, “Listening in Tongues.”

Benigno began with a prayer: “Thank you dear Spirit and Guide because I don’t have to interpret for you, because you teach directly. Thank you because I don’t need to bring water in my bucket to spill…because your living water is right here. Thank you because I can drink your living water among Friends. Thank you because you led me to take up my residence among them because you know why you let me in the doors of the littlest meetings, through the eye of the needle, through each and every heart…ever since you guided me. Thank you for your outrageous request that asks us to put on your eyes, and then we open them and let us see for you.”

In each of us is the living water of the Spirit that flows to us as though through a pipe. No need for “Eraino”, no need for new pipes. “I know you have water; mind the well, send the water, drink the water that is nearby.” Maybe we are living with too many pipes and not enough water. Add the water, forget about the pipes; tongues will lap it up. We may need to go where the water is, find out where it is and where it gushes from.

Benigno offered two examples from nature to illustrate the way in which groups with a common ancestral population, when separated, will change and adapt until they barely recognize one another. He spoke of the Ensatina salamander’s migration southward from Oregon through California, adapting to its warmer terrain through natural selection, until it had changed so much that the Oregon salamander and its Southern California cousins could no longer interbreed. Likewise, the northern Chinese Greenish warbler thrived at a particular altitude and humidity, while those that migrated to the south thrived in different environments. Over time, and with the geographic separation, the timing of mating season was different and they could no longer understand each other’s Love songs. BUT, we cannot call them different species because each has a common ancestry and a common morphology.

And so it is, Benigno told us, with the many branches of Friends. Like the salamanders and warblers we have spread and survived by evolving. Benigno urged us to listen to the love songs of the others, and to listen in tongues from “underneath” the differences, beyond words, beyond the “limited monolingual comfort of our own monthly meetings,” to find our common Quaker ancestry. By listening to the subtext beneath the language, we can enlarge the place where Love is.

Benigno reminded us of the story of Pentecost as reported in Acts of the Apostles. What was Pentecost? It was the event in the early days following Jesus’ ascension, when the disciples and a large group of followers were praying together and the Holy Spirit was said to have descended upon them. Considered the birth of the Christian Church, it occurred in a Jewish society, on a Jewish holiday that commemorates the reception of God’s law, 60 days after the Exodus. With 120 people from all around the region gathered, there were an astounding number of different dialects spoken. And those followers would have been utterly on fire and radiant with the love of Christ, hence the tufts of fire described in Acts. Benigno paraphrased a comment from a Friend in Ohio: There was so much love in the room that everything said was heard and understood in Love. The gift of listening in tongues was the understanding that comes from so much love, that words become unnecessary. Benigno challenged us to be so filled with the Spirit and Love that we might also receive the gift of listening in tongues of others who speak of the Spirit in a different language. He noted the words from the Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting's State of Society report, “We are closer to each other than language allows.”

The Meeting continued in worship until it was brought to a close by the Clerk. Benigno’s ministry will be transcribed and appear in the September-October issue of Western Friend.

Plenary Session #4  
Thursday, July 19, 2012

3:15 to 4:45 PM


Worship continued with a concern for business.

The Clerk John Alcott introduced Michael Wajeda, an observer from FGC.

2012:6   Report from Ad hoc Committee on Affiliation with Friends General Conference.

Tom Head

Lynn Fitz-Hugh

Otis Kenny

Tom Head introduced our consideration of this topic. He referenced the report of the committee available on the NPYM website, and posted at Annual Session. The report is attached. [04a]

Otis Kenny: Reviewed history of work with this issue.

Lynn Fitz-Hugh. Reviewed information about the organization Friends General

 Conference - what is available, its committee structure and governance

Tom Head:

What is the relationship we want with FGC?

How would we shape our monetary relationship with FGC?

How we come to a decision is as important as what that decision is.

Tom introduced a range of voices that have been heard.

Jane Snyder: Jane posed several questions.

Given that we pay for materials we use from FGC, are there other materials available only to members?

What is the estimated cost of participation and contribution to FGC?

What are expectations for participation in the governance structure of the organization?

Don Goldstein: Margaret Sorrel’s first report in 2001 as an observer of an FGC Gathering, changed Don’s life. He has been involved with FGC since that time, including assistance bringing FGC to the West Coast in 2006. The conjoint Gathering with NPYM took place in 2006 and was oversubscribed and very successful. His meeting, Bellingham has endorsed affiliation with FGC.

John Helding: He attributes his dedication to participation in monthly meeting and with Friends to FGC. John has worked intensively with Quakerquest and is energized and excited by its contributions to individual meetings within our own yearly meeting.

Jay Thatcher: Jay spoke to our History of independence in the west. He spoke to the value of this independence and NPYM activities relating to all strains of Quakers.

Continued discernment of affiliation with FGC will take place in Plenary Session #7.

2012:7   Friends World Conference for Consultation:

This is the year we hear more extensively from FWCC as one of the organizations with which we are affiliated.

Deborah Lewis refreshed our awareness of FWCC history and contribution to our lives as Quakers and its connecting Friends around the world. There will be an extended opportunity to hear about the World Conference in Kenya, Friday evening.

Jane Snyder shared a little about the world conference as well as resources through FWCC.

Gayle Matson described activities of the representatives to this organization.

2012:8   Representation and Funding Affiliated Organizations:

Jonathan Brown - Jonathan provided a summary of their extensive report available on the NPYM website and posted at Annual Session. This report is attached. [04b]

Recommendations from this Ad hoc committee included:

1.      Retain the number of representatives, as there was no unity to change the number.

2.      Proposed that NPYM should fully reimburse all reasonable costs for all the representatives it appoints. Currently, that would mean increasing our budget by $5,500 to $16,500. Representatives who can, are asked to consider contributing personal funds to the expense of travel and those unable to do so to request full reimbursement from a travel budget pool for this purpose with overruns covered from reserves.

3.      Made a number of suggestions for expectations of representatives to share information about these affiliated organizations and encourage involvement: reports to coordinating committee, visits to monthly meetings, reporting to Annual Session (increase the number of presentations from one organization-presentation per year to two organization-presentations per year), add opportunities (5 min reports) for other organizations to share information at AS, Quaker Fair etc. Please see their report (attached) for details..

Questions from the floor:

How has the committee dealt with impact of travel on climate change? Jonathan responded that the committee posed this question with these organizations.

Could Outreach and Visitation collaborate with representatives to enhance communication?

How many people does it take to do this job? Justifiably two reps but the Friend questioned having three or four.

Discernment of the committee’s recommendations will take place in Plenary Session # 6.

After continued worship, the Clerk closed the meeting.


Plenary Session # 5  
Friday July 20, 2012

8:30 to 10:30 AM


Worship continued with a concern for business.

2012:9   Emergent Concern: FCNL request for endorsement of minute:

Tom Ewell and Dorsey Green brought a request for NPYM to endorse the minute approved by the executive committee of FCNL. A letter with this minute will also go to our Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups.

Background: There are critical decisions to be made re; the Federal budget before the end of this 2012, one of which would restore Pentagon funding at the expense of prevention of deadly conflict and other human needs.

Minute to be approved by NPYM: “North Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends endorses the reduction in projected Pentagon spending and the preservation of federal budgets which support the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict and other human needs.”

The .Minute endorsing the reduction in projected Pentagon spending was APPROVED.


2012:10   Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Extra Day of Annual Session.

Chris Willard - Chris Willard reviewed the report of their work, including the results of the survey of the membership of NPYM. Few monthly meetings (2) seasoned this issue. Many responded that their seasoning of other issues precluded addressing this issue. The report is attached [05a] [05a addendum]

Recommendation: Retain the five-day session.

Other issues that emerged in this process re: Annual Session.

·        Scheduling time and content earlier so that people can become interested and motivated to attend.

·        Become even more family friendly

·        Cost is barrier – can there be more sharing of resources

·        Improve the balance of fellowship and business to achieve a more successful session


We APPROVED continuing the five day session and laying down the Ad Hoc committee with appreciation.

The clerk asked for an expression of interest in helping with the other issues related to Annual Session that emerged through the survey process. However, one Friend observed that nominations issues and concerns raised in the 4-5 day committee really are germane to the evaluation of our NPYM structure which is to take place in the coming year. He suggested that these concerns should become a part of the evaluation of structure process.

2012:11   Nomination Slate:

Clerk Pam Melick presented the list of nominations for preliminary consideration. This new list with additions will be posted (hard copy and web placement.)

The final slate will be attached to the minutes, when considered in Plenary Session 7.

2012:12   Coordinating Committee Clerk’s Report: Melody Ashworth.

Melody reviewed the work of the Coordinating Committee. Nominating committee concerns have been a central discussion by the Coordinating Committee

The evaluation of our structure as outlined in a 2008 document, Mission and Vision Statement will address the question “Is the yearly meeting spiritual condition healthier with the new structure.?”

The Coordinating Committee is forwarding a minute regarding the Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer Concerns (FLGBTQC) correspondent for approval to the Annual Session. The report from the committee is attached. [05b]

We APPROVED the report from the Ad Hoc FLGBTQC Affiliation Committee recommending continuing to call the liaisons to FLGBTQC “correspondents” and the job description will encourage but not require attendance at FLGBTQC events. Travel will not be funded. This report is attached [05c]

2012:13   M and O report back on Nominating Committee issues (see 2012:4):

Lucretia Humphrey, M and O and Dorsey Green, volunteer helper.

Their recommendations included:

1.      Laying down the current nominating committee with great appreciation for their work. Their raising the issue prompted a realization of the importance of the upcoming evaluation of our structure.

2.      Appointing a “naming committee” made up of three people to bring nominations forward for a nominating committee at this Annual Session.

3.      Creating a nominating table in the Quaker Faire where Friends can indicate interest in serving the Yearly Meeting.

The Meeting approved the recommendations from the M and O committee and helpers. The clerk asked for volunteers to be on the Naming Committee, from which John and Melody will bring three names to a following plenary session for approval.

The meeting concluded in worship.


Plenary Session # 6  
Friday July 20, 2012

1:30 to 3:00 PM


Worship continued with a concern for business.

2012:14   State of Society Reports:

Ministry and Oversight Committee member Elizabeth Braithwaite reported that Lopez Island Washington Preparative Meeting has 10-20 regular attenders at Meeting for Worship on an island of few people. Sandpoint Friends Meeting has added on to the Meeting House property to create the Nest, a space for children. It was built with the feeling, "build it and they will come".

2012:15   Minutes of plenary session #5 were approved

with several suggestions to clarify meaning.

2012:16   The Naming Committee:

Coordinating Clerk, Melody Ashworth reported the names of individuals who will form the Naming Committee: Paul Christensen, Gayle Matson, and Judith Clarke. They will determine who is to clerk. The committee will report before the conclusion of this Annual Session.

2012:17   Ad Hoc Committee on NPYM Representatives and Funding for Affiliated Organizations:

Jonathan Brown. No additional concerns have arisen and been brought to the committee.

A Friend asked if a contribution of $150 to FLGBTQC could be made. Jonathan replied that such a contribution was not a part of their report nor was it under consideration.

A Friend indicated that our budget for the coming year was yet to be approved. The request could be made when the new budget was presented by Finance and Legal Committee.

We APPROVED recommendations from the Ad hoc Committee on Representatives and Funding of Affiliated Organizations

The Meeting also APPROVED laying down this ad hoc committee with great appreciation.

2012:18   Current Nominating Committee jobs in process.

Two nomination processes are underway. The Clerk requested approval of the current nominating committee completing their work and bringing those names with the final approval of the slate. The meeting APPROVED this action.

2012:19   Finance and Legal Committee and Budget:

Donal Sullivan, Clerk of Finance and Legal Committee and Laura Arcidiacano, Treasurer.

Laura reviewed the various finance reports that comprise their report. A Proposed Budget for the coming year is also available. At the encouragement of the Clerk, regular placement of financial reports will be placed on the Website.

Question: Chase and Wells Fargo are our bankers? Has the committee considered shifting our accounts elsewhere. Laura replied this issue is under consideration.

Question: Why is there a line item for FWCC Gathering travel ( actually FWCC International Representatives Meeting)? Answer: we budget yearly to accumulate the money to fund our representative’s travel which is expected to occur in 2016.

A Friend proposed that NPYM make a contribution of $150.00 to the FLGBTQC. APPROVED.

The budget for 10/2012 to 9/30/2013 was APPROVED.

The following reports are attached. Finance & Revenue Report [06a], Finance Interim Report [06b], and Proposed Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget [06c]

2012:20   Ministry and Oversight Committee Report:

Lucretia Humphery, Susan Richardson, Elizabeth Braithwaite, Linnea Wang, David Wright and Sea Gabriel

Report from Ministry and Oversight was conducted via a phone conference welcoming Elizabeth Braithwaite.- Lucretia introduced Elizabeth to the consultations the committee has been doing with Ministry and Oversight and Monthly Meeting clerks throughout this past year. She also described other areas of the committee’s work. A written report is attached [06d]

2012:21   Epistle Committee:

Petra Perkins, Clerk of Epistle Committee: What would our Epistle look like if it was in pictures? Petra shared an epistle that was a picture from the Intermountain Yearly Meeting’s Children’s Yearly Meeting as an example. Petra went on to read excerpts from the epistle of the first annual general meeting of the Conference of the Nontheist Friends Network at Woodbrooke, March 9-11 2012

We continued in worship until the Clerk closed the Meeting

Plenary Session #7  
Saturday July 21, 2012

8:30 to 10:00 AM


Worship continued with a concern for business.


2012:22   Addendum from Treasurer:

Laura Arcidiacono: How much will we draw from reserves? Although $20,000 is held in reserves, when all expenses of our Annual Session 2011 were calculated we were only $1,000 extended beyond income. We budget to cover possible unforeseen needs.

2012:23   Completion of the work of the current Nominating Committee at this Annual Session.

Lew Scholls, Multnomah – will be the assistant joint clerk to general and physical arrangements clerks.

Bob Barnard, Eugene, has withdrawn his name as clerk of Finance and Legal Committee.

The Meeting APPROVED the nominating slate as amended. [07a]

2012:24   Naming Committee- a new Nominating Committee:

Paul Christensen, reporting for the Naming Committee, offered nominations to the new Nominating Committee: Helen Dart, Eugene (1 year), Jonathan Brown, South Seattle (one year), Ted Etter, Missoula (one year), Janet Jump, Bridge City (two) Clerk(first year), Mim Lilly, Tacoma (2) and Katherine Willard, Tacoma (2, also clerk for one year, succeeding Janet).

How we create a naming committee for replenishing the nominating committee will be a part of the Evaluation of Structure process to begin this next year.

The proposed new NPYM Nominating Committee was APPROVED by the Meeting.

2012:25   State of Society Reports:

Ministry and Oversight Committee Clerk, Lucretia Humphrey, Heartland, shared from Corvallis Monthly Meeting’s State of Society Report that it now shares their space with 16 groups. Boise Valley Monthly Meeting which is emerging from a big challenge last year find itself more confident. Olympia Monthly Meeting is in transition to a new meeting house.

2012:26   Continued discernment of affiliation with FGC.

Otis Kenny, Lynn Fitz-Hugh and Tom Head.

Lynn Fitz-Hugh summarized the committee’s perceptions as a result of the interest group’s consideration of this issue and conversations with individuals. We don’t have unity to affiliate with Friends General Conference nor do we have unity to drop this issue. Emerging is the question: Can we define the relationship in another way, perhaps as a “cooperative relationship.”

Continuing her remarks, she noted that Friends coming from other Yearly Meetings affiliated with FGC are baffled by our reluctance to affiliate. We would be affirming our identity and a shared sense of values.

Words can become obstacles. We might drop the word “affiliation” and search for another way to define our relationship with FGC. Would we want to send one or more representatives as observer to FGC annual meeting? How could we define “cooperating relationships” with FGC and other Friends groups?

What committee or group can take these questions and effectively continue this discussion to help the body come to a conclusion.? Two Friends have expressed interest on serving on a continuing Ad Hoc Committee. One or two current committee members would be willing to continue serving.

Several voices were heard in response to Lynn’s comments.

One Friend reminded us that the recommendation from the first Ad Hoc committee to consider affiliation with FGC was to affiliate. He asked if it would be better to replace members of the current Ad Hoc committee with new members not associated with the recommendation to affiliate. Whoever serves on this new ad hoc committee needs to be committed to discerning the way ahead.

Members of the current committee responded that these two committees should not be seen as advocating affiliation. The first Ad Hoc Committee members were asked to serve on the seasoning committee, carrying over in the interest of continuity.

Several Friends expressed intrigue and interest in finding a new definition of our relationship with FGC, possibly a correspondent? Some of our members in NPYM have experienced a wonderful relationship with FGC, some not at all or not so much. Important to recognize that FGC is a human organization and therefore flawed. The future of the organization is fluid. A Friend spoke to the importance of awareness of those who may not be comfortable with the discussion.

One Friend remarked that Divine will has not been apparent on this issue. This idea gives us way to acknowledge relationship with Friends United Meeting and Evangelical Friends International.

Clerk, John Allcott asked if Friends are interested in combining this exploration with the upcoming emerging work on evaluation of our structure.

A Friend commented that the issues should be kept separate. It is too much to assign to one group of people. We already have an Evaluation of Structure Plan (2008) planned for the upcoming year. How the Yearly Meeting relates to other Yearly Meeting organizations will also be considered in this process.

A Friend spoke to reevaluating the position of independence that NPYM took at the time of separation from Pacific Yearly Meeting. What does this conversation have to do with our own sense of identity. Where do we fit? Where will we fit? What is our relationship to the greater world of Friends? How do we facilitate God’s work.

A Friend suggested we lay down the seasoning committee and create a new committee that can frame our questions. She was excited by the idea of tasting from the well of others.

Clerk, John Allcott, asked if the Meeting wanted to explore relationships with other Friends organizations and learn how these relationship may open up the channels to the way of the Spirit for us. Sensing agreement regarding a new exploration by a new committee, the Clerk asked the Meeting for people willing to be a part of new committee on relations with other Friends. These Friends were asked to identify themselves at the conclusion of this Plenary Session.

The Clerk also asked Friends interested in assisting with the Evaluation of Structure Plan to identify themselves after this plenary session.

The discussion concluded with a plea from a Friend that we carry the commitment to deal with this issue, i.e. our relationship with other Friends organizations, to the monthly meeting and worship group level.

Epistle Committee: Facing time constraints, the first draft of our epistle will be broadcast via Daily Bulletin and other means.

The meeting’s worship with a concern for business was closed by the Clerk.

Plenary Session #8  
Sunday July 22, 2012

10:00-10:45 AM


Worship continued with a concern for business.

Presiding Clerk, John Allcott reviewed the agenda.

2012:27   Epistle from Pre-K and Early Elementary:

The children spoke to their experiences at Annual Session that were drawn on a banner they shared with the meeting.

2012:28   Report from the Naming Committee

The names of the new nominating committee were read once again and will be posted on the website.

2012:29   Epistles from Upper Elementary, Central Friends and Junior Friends

These Epistles were read. See attachments. [08a] [08b] [08c]

2012:30   Minutes of Plenary Session #7 approved.

These minutes were summarized and APPROVED.

2012:31   Report on the Evaluation of Structure committee.

Melody Ashworth reported that the Executive Committee will finalize the composition of the committee.

2012:32   The tragedy in Aurora Colorado.

Twelve people were killed by a gunman in a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado. Fifty eight people were wounded. On behalf of a group of concerned Friends, Deborah Townsend, Eastside Meeting, read the following statement of concern.

To people everywhere:


“Quakers of North Pacific Yearly Meeting have just learned of the trauma in Aurora, Colorado. Our hearts grieve with the families of the victims, the family of the perpetrator, and the entire community.


We must ask ourselves: How can we best respond to this violence, and to violence elsewhere? How can we understand and address all the factors that feed into it?


We urge all people to carefully consider what steps we can take to build a community based on compassion, caring, mutual respect, and empathy -- a society based on Love. It takes a village. We are that village -- the village that needs to rebuild community trust.


In the face of this tragedy, we are called to answer that of God in the perpetrator as well as in the victims. In the face of intensifying fear, we are called to live courageously and faithfully.


We can't just do nothing. We must move toward what we can and will do.”


Friends APPROVED the statement and the suggested distribution to monthly meetings, worship groups and Western Friend .

2012:33   Relationships with other Friends Organization.

Patty Lyman reported the purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee on Yearly Meeting Relationships as follows: “Our call is to explore the nature of NPYM’s possible relationships with various branches of Friends, e.g., Friends General Conference, Friends United Meeting, Evangelical Friends International and Conservative Friends in a continued contribution to our identity as NPYM. The committee will respond to the query, ‘how does this work and study of relationships facilitate opening up channels for Spirit to work in?’ “

2012:34   Ad Hoc Friends General Conference Seasoning Committee (2011):

The meeting APPROVED laying down the NPYM FGC Seasoning Committee.

2012:35   Registrar’s report.

Margaret Coahran reported that we were 267 people attending Annual Session. The detailed report is attached. Margaret’s report was ACCEPTED with thanks. Attached [08d]

2012:36   Harry Strong Berenson, Multnomah Meeting.

Andy Cross read a letter, just received, from an attender, Ian Terrell, whose five year old son Harry Strong Berenson was hit by a wayward car while walking with his family on a Portland Street. Andy asked Friends to hold him in the Light.

2012:37   State of Society Reports.

Ministry and Oversight Clerk, Lucretia Humphrey, reported the following from these Monthly Meeting State of Society Reports: South Mt installed heating enhancements in their Meetinghouse. Florence sees its a community as a constellation – greater than a single light; Billings continues to meet once/month with two to five members present; Port Townsend has had a large number of care committees. They participate in educational programs two times/ month; Pullman Moscow has a significant connection through Pacific Northwest QM; Salmon Bay has resumed its children’s program.

2012:38   Donations to Right Sharing of World Resources

The Clerk offered gratitude for the contribution of $549.00 we were able to make from our Simple Meal to RSWR. Thank you, Friends.

2012:39   Memorials that were held at this Annual Session:

The lives of the following Friends were remembered in a Meeting for Memorials held Saturday afternoon, July 21, 2012. One Friend noted, fondly, that we continue to hold memorials for the founders of our community, this North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Richard Beyer, University

Gil Campos, South Mountain

Daisy Cargill, Multnomah

Jip Chitnarong, South Seattle [no minute read]

Margaret Ardelle Dennis, Multnomah

Lauren Erickson, Port Townsend

Judith Gennett, Multnomah

Lois Hoskins, Salem

Simeon Hyde, Multnomah

Ed Janoe, Bridge City

James Dorr Johnson, MGOF

George Kenny, Tacoma

LaVern Kohl, MGOF

Stanley Potter, Multnomah

Annelise Pysanky, Bellingham

Robert Morris Smith, Multnomah

Candace Steele, South Mountain

Gregory Thompson (Berleman), Multnomah

David Walker, Port Townsend

Lois Wyth, Sand Point


2012:40   Final Epistle

Petra Perkins, Clerk of the Epistle Committee read the final draft of our Epistle. It is attached. [08e]

2012:41   Final Minute from the Presiding Clerk ,John Allcott

We are coming , like a round to where we started so that by turning , turning we come round right.

We started our community's work together in silent worship and we will shortly end with worship.

And more and more to the movement of our rondo, our children have come to contribute their epistles and will shortly join in worship and we will all talk together with Spirit.

Along our way we have labored together.

We have worked in a spirit of our testimony of Community to provide bridging from our prior commitment to an emerging vision.

Events and well, people, ourselves have intervened.

Our Vision seems to have over reached our human resources.

As we move now towards renewal, we are humbled by consequences of our work and confront the knowledge that the consequences of our work are Friends trying to help.

Are we kind to ourselves as we do our work?

Is our work, our changes,

Love made visible?

What is your opportunity to heal hurts incurred along our way?

Will you grasp this as we are all in this together?

Now as we head home, home to our familiar communities, lets join together in gratitude for Friends who have helped us now and who will help us as we move forward.

I look forward to seeing you in Forest Grove in July 17 through 21, 2013 and in consultations in person, or in the ether.

2012:42   Minutes of Plenary Session #8 approved

The minutes were summarized, including mention of attachments to be included. The minutes were APPROVED.


Jane W. Ewert

Recording Clerk

Annual Session 2012

All attachments (displayed in blue with brackets) are available as a single document
for downloading as a PDF file, by clicking HERE

These minutes themselves are available as a single document
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